If you’ve ever found a spread of food consisting of sandwiches, cupcakes or salads in the conference room, chances are your employer uses an outside office catering service.  These are becoming increasingly popular as employers continue to show their appreciation to their employees or encourage healthy eating during work hours. Many businesses are seeing the value in office catering and supplying breakfast snacks, lunch and mid-day food bites for their staff. For some, this can be a major perk when deciding on whether they will work for a company. The bottom line is that businesses want to keep their employees happy. 

A recent survey showed that employees who received free food where 67 percent happier on their jobs. Corporations are finding it necessary to encourage a good balance of eating during the workday.  There is also research that reveals when employees take group breaks they interact more while enjoying the office catered food. Another thing office catering allows is for employees to stay in-house and remain productive. Some may find they don’t eat as healthy as they should when enjoying good food catered at the office. 

The office catering business is drawing attention from a lot of investors. Due to increase demand from employees and businesses providing in-house lunches or morning-time snacks, the office catering business is booming. There are many styles of food layouts office catering companies offer. For more information you can click here. Popular one included box lunches or even family style food portions. 

California seems to lead the crowd when it comes to hiring office catering services.  Many companies find that is just makes financial sense. They are striving to keep employees healthy by giving them more food options than just vending machines with candy. Businesses have found that there’s a lot of value in paying attention to their employee’s needs. 

The Draugiem Group, a social media company, conducted a study and found that staff who averaged 17 minutes on their break had 52 minutes a focused productive work. You will also find many businesses adding in food perks inside contracts to attract new employees. 

Office catering is gaining speed and becoming one of the most desirable reasons for working for a particular company. For the most business’s, it’s inexpensive. However, for employees they see it as an opportunity to relax and enjoy their meal and get back to work. Some companies have even gone as far as catering to picky eaters. These are those who may have a reaction to food served based on their diet restrictions, allergies or specific medical conditions.  For companies, this is imperative because it allows them to dodge any potential lawsuit if a staff member has consumed food at the office and suddenly becomes ill. 

The overall goal to office catering is to offer a variety of food selections. They are paying close attention to company requests and needs. Businesses are looking for a food service to supply them with products for after work events or during the day.