Web design advances and transforms in terms of visual design. However, if you look at web design internally, there are some elements that are dragging a website back so much that it even affects SEO ranks and user interaction on page. NtwDesigns (http://www.ntwdesigns.com/) is an advanced web design company that has great experience in designing and they will be providing a great list below to identify all the elements that are dragging your website back.

1-Double Sidebars. The double sidebars may be a blogger trend, but not an SEO trend. Most search engines don’t favor the double sidebar as it adds on too much weight to a website. Its better to remove the double sidebar. The double sidebar is not mobile friendly and will ultimately be removed on a mobile device while adding a viewport tag.

2- Multi Image Sliders,Multi image sliders that contain more than 3 images are seen to be not too good for a websites performance. The multi-image slider may be a good visual element to look at, but in terms of internal performance, it can drag back a website.

3-Carousel. As mentioned above, the multi-image slider is known not to be a great web design element on page, but the multi-image carousel is even more unfavorable to have. The multi-image carousel usually has more than 10 images. This will distort the main topic and focus of a website and at the same time it will also weigh on a page.

4-Heavy Media. Auto playing media can certainly produce a longer load time on a website. It is important to remove all autos playing music on a web page. It has been proven that auto playing media is not favored on a landing page. Websites that have auto playing music will generate more bounce rates as visitors will leave the page upon landing.

5-Too Many Widgets. Using too many widgets to create a certain design or web functionality is not the best practice in web design. If you are coding in PHP, it is best to use a much simpler method to code widgets instead of using heavy widget code. If you are on a wordpress platform, there are many widget options, it is best to find a multi-use widget or a light weight widget pack. This can do a great job of minimizing the use of too many widgets and still performing the desired task.

Having a fast performing web design can certainly boost web visitor experience and first impressions on page. Too many elements on a page will pull the page back. Follow the list above provided by NtwDesigns to ensure that your web design smooth sailing!