When it comes to managing a business nowadays, there’s a few rules and tenets that simply everybody has to follow. Businesses outsource, to streamline and get costs down. Businesses hire the best people for the roles going, and businesses work on their brand awareness.

As true as any of these statements is that businesses need to work on their online visibility. There’s zero point to having a website if you’re stuck way, way down on page fourteen of a Google search result.

Imagine it, you’ve spent a lot of your businesses money on a company website, and while it’s performing passably, it’s hardly paying for itself. That’s exactly where search engine optimisation comes into play.

SEO, through a wide variety of means and practices, puts your business website to the top of the Google search results, and by doing that, sees your business receiving vastly more custom and attention than you would otherwise be doing.

Compared to the alternative, of drowning in a sea of competitors, and customers struggling to find you, utilising SEO for your businesses needs stops seeming like a frivolity, and begins seeming very, very necessary. That’s exactly why no business can succeed online without search engine optimisation. Here’s some other reasons why that’s true.

Advertising for the Modern World

At its very core, search engine optimisation is basically advertising for a modern world. Except instead of just blasting everyone that sees the billboard, listens to the radio or watches TV with the same message, it reaches out to those who are already interested. In that way, it’s not annoying, or excessive, but really the most precise and effective advertising you can hope for.

Everyone knows traditional forms of advertising aren’t great. Returns like 1 in 100,000 people who see the advert aren’t uncommon. 2/3 of the worlds advertising budget is said to achieve nothing at all. Forms of digital marketing, like SEO, are vastly more effective, because they appeal to people who are already interested, instead of pestering the general populace.

Without this kind of intelligent, targeted marketing, you can’t hope to achieve your business goals. Choose an experienced, local, Bay Area SEO agency, who’ll understand your businesses aims and goals.

Ground-Up and Ongoing

When it comes to implementing SEO in your business, there are multiple ways to go about it. Any respectable SEO and web design agency will implement SEO techniques from the ground-up when it comes to building your site, which prepares it to perform well from day one.

From there, you can do ongoing SEO work, where you alter the site slightly, start backlinking, start blogging and a million other ongoing things that’ll see your business quickly dominating when it comes to those Google search page results.

If your website isn’t built from the ground-up to incorporate SEO elements, don’t worry, you can still optimise going forward, it just won’t be quite so effective. SEO is still the most effective way to put your business right in front of customer’s faces, regardless.