Lanyards are moreover taken as a promotional object which is not only useful in various ways but can be a good gift. This strap is wrapped around the neck or on the belt so that keys whistle or similar objects can be tucked into it. Lanyards are available in various sizes, colors and styles so that it may not only match with your attire and occasion but also with your personality. Custom lanyards are the newest trend in marketing. Use of lanyards is increasing with popularity with everyone. They do simple things to keep the items organized and ensure they do not get lost. Everyone is using company branded lanyards from corporate countries, university kids to factory employees. Most people need to wear them all over the day and can’t take them off while working on campus or at the office.

Types of lanyards:

Custom Printed

The lanyard is one of the most popular gifts which are not only used as a direct gift but also as promotional gifts. Various stores like to present this gift to their esteemed customers as an acknowledgment towards the purchase they have made from the store. The printed lanyard is one of the most famous styles which are liked by people from all over the world. For more uniqueness, these lanyards can also be custom printed as per the choice.


Sublimation is another style which can create unique lanyard. Through this designing, any image can be printed on the material so that it may not get fade in a short time. This type of lanyard may cost a little higher than printed company branded lanyard, but it would surely be a good gift or reminder of a memory.

Beaded lanyard

With the change in style, a lanyard is available in various designs. Teenage girls like to have a lanyard with beads and similar objects so that they may look appealing and attractive. Also, beads, pearls, and stones can make the lanyard multicolored and so it can be matched with any attire. It is very easy to find such multicolored and stylish lanyard in the local market.

Besides that competition is increasing every day between all the companies in market advanced advertising techniques are being researched upon. The advertisement should be made in such a way that they provide a maximum number of customers to the companies but with minimum expenditure as possible. Wholesale promotional products have the advantage of minimum expenditure as they promote items in bulk that helps in reaching a maximum number of customers due to their large number. These products are available in a wide range of products ranging from coffee mugs to clocks and show pieces.

Manufacturers who order for wholesale promotional products are present in large numbers due to their large demand. Some are providing high-quality products while some give very low-quality products. It is mainly up to the company to look into the products personally before dispatching them. Some items may get damaged so it is important to be ensured before it is being dispatched to its customers. Special care need to be taken for the cases when the products handled are fragile items.