The office environment needs to renovated and decorated in a way that it highlights the principles and ethos of the company, while also providing adequate space to the employees to work in a focused, quiet environment. Cubicles in office spaces are provided to give more personal space to the workers. Cubicles are designed for each employee, though when two or more need to collaborate on a project, they can remove the partition and work together. Each cubicle usually has enough space to accommodate a computer, an office chair, some writing room on the office desks, as well as brackets for additional office appliances, like a printer or a scanner.

If you have leased office space and need to install partitions, you will have to hire an office fitout company. There are numerous companies that offer complete office fitouts and partitions in Perth, but you have to be careful that you hire a reputable firm for the job. The quality of the material used for the partitions differs, and it is important to ask about the pros and cons of each kind of office partition before making your decision. Here are some other important things that you should know about office fitouts and partitions.

Initial Consultation

When you first contact an office fitout company, they will ask about the size of the office. If you have the area and dimensions of the office space available, you can provide these details along with the number of cubicles you want to have built in the office. However, it is better if you make an appointment with the company in order to inspect the office space. They will be able to give you a better idea about the number of cubicles that can be set up in the office. Each cubicle must be of a minimum length and width; any shorter and it is going to be too cramped for the workers to comfortably fit. This could affect worker motivation, so it is important that you follow the recommendations of the technician about the number of cubicles that can be installed within the office.

Demountable Offices

There are two kinds of partitions that you can choose from: permanently fixed and demountable ones. The demountable ones are great for smaller office spaces where you might need to remove the walls in order to conduct team meetings and collaborate on different projects. Demountable offices also allow you to relocate easily without much of an issue. They have a completely modular design and the panels can be glazed according to the client’s needs. They are also available in a wide range of decorative finishes with acoustic enhancements.