Back in the 90’s anyone with a little knowledge of html and hosting could launch their own adult website. The good old days. People were spending big time on poor quality video content… And they were even paying per minute! Ka-ching! The alternative back then was VHS. Not quite the best quality either. So, you can’t blame them. But during the late 90’s the whole internet business changed rapidly. Big players like Youtube started offering high quality streaming services for free. Soon after, the adult industry launched their own Youtube clones, offering millions of adult photo and video content to their visitors free or charge. Some of these so ‘adult tubes’ are now in the top 10 of most visited websites worldwide.

The game has changed. But how can you monetize your adult websites if you offer all your content to your visitors for free?

There is still a lot of money to be made online in the adult business. You just have to think outside the box when it comes to monetizing your content.

That’s where comes into play!


What does offer? is a link shortener and bulk (mass) adult gallery submission service, that pays you for every click on your shortened links!

With a single click you can convert a long link of a free photo gallery page or a page that contains a video,and shorten it to something similar like this:

“Another link shortener. How unique…”

I can almost hear you think that. What comes next, is the part that makes truly an awesome service for webmasters… The gallery submission form.

With only one click you can publish your shortened gallery or video links to several high traffic adult websites!

Gallery submission is one of the oldest (and still the best) methods of generating targeted traffic for your website. The bad part is, submitting gallery links to adult gallery submission websites is a task that has to be done manually and takes quite a lot of time.In almost all of the cases you have to create an account first on all of thesegallery dump websites separately. Most of these sites also require a backlink before you can use their service. Even after you’ve completed the whole sign up and manual submission part, you still have to wait quite a while before your gallery link has been approved and published. That is, if it gets approved at all…


By using the new service by, manually submitting gallery links is a thing from the past!

After you’ve shortened your (gallery or video) link on, you can publish your link directly to over 10+ high traffic adult websites and add your own title description and teasing preview image. Which results in immediately clicks to your website and you’ll start earning right away since is a pay per click network. Published links remain active forever, so you’ll be generating income for a lifetime.

That makes the new cash cow for adult webmasters!

You’ll receive instant targeted adult niche traffic from our websites to yours. Even without having to promote your shortened links all over the internet. With other URL shortening services like you still have to spend all day spamming your short links on web forums, social media, comments etc. We help you save a lot of time by not having to manually submit gallery links to external websites.

All it takes is a single click to publish your links to multiple high traffic adult websites. Resulting in great exposure and income! Every visitor equals $$$! And every targeted visitor equals a potential customer. Either way, with you’ll always win because you’ll receive free website visitors and get paid for it!

To answer the question: ‘’Is there still money to be made in 2017 in the online adult business?’’

Yes! Definitely! The online adult business is far from being dead, you just have to think outside the box when it comes down to monetizing free content. That’s exactly what we offer our service. A great way to generate income from the free online content you offer on your websites.

The visitor gets to see hot content free of charge, while you (as the webmaster) still generate income from these non-buying visitors. Let’s start doing business and double the revenue of 2016!

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