Finding the perfect marketing strategy for your company, products and services can feel like an endless battle. While the fancy digital marketing approach does work amazingly, there might be segments of your target audience that have a difficult time to get a hold on those digitalized channels and might never hear about your company, products and services. Well, apparently, a smart mix of digital and traditional will help you the most, as many experts in the domain claim.

Content marketing goes hand in hand with the word of mouth approach

Content marketing is currently thought to be one of the best approaches to online marketing. People are more likely to react positively to products and services if they are made to think that those solve part of their issues. And this can only be accomplished by highly informative, well-structured and written content, as the experts in a digital marketing agency claim. For the best results, make sure to collaborate with a team that is able to create that high-quality content for you. Publish it on the Blog section on your website and share various posts on various social media channels. This will get the word about the products or services that your company has out quite easily.

On the other hand, when people hear others that trust rave about certain products and services, when they hear how those changed their lives, they are more likely to also have a positive feedback to those. Encourage your customers to spread the good word about your products. Create reward programs in which to offer discounts if they bring new customers. This will motivate them strong enough to get the word going around, at least locally.

Influencer giveaways are best friends with promotional gifts and coupons

We are all following at least a social media influencer. Like it or not, humans love to have a look into other’s lives. And this is how micro influencers have become incredibly popular and efficient for marketing purposes in the online. If you’re uncertain how can you create a strategy like this, search for a social media figure with somewhere around 30,000 followers, and even fewer. Such accounts are more likely to work better than more popular ones because they inspire reliability to the general consumer, but also honesty. Contact them and try to settle for a collaboration. Giveaways should be involved, as these work like magic in increasing your audience pool and brand awareness.

Gift cards and promotional coupons work similarly in the offline. Try to create a system where for each purchase of a certain amount, the customer receives a discount for their next purchase. This is just as effective as micro influencer campaigns, as it will motivate your customers to purchase more.

These are two simple strategies that will help you combine offline and online marketing strategies. These have been tested and proved to work by so many companies, it would be a shame not to give them a try.