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Mercedes Benz is a name that exudes opulence, style, class and automotive excellence. Thus, it is not surprising that most people dream of owning a Mercedes car. However, this dream often goes unrealized because the down payments and equated monthly instalments for the same are a bit too intimidating. There is no need to despair, however, because the solution for this problem exists and it is known as Mercedes car leasing. Ever since the financial arm of the luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes Benz Financial has announced that they are offering Mercs on lease, a lot of individuals have begun realizing their long-time desire/dream.

Taking a Mercedes car on lease is definitely a wise decision because this type of car has a typical lifespan ranging from 7 to 10 years. Thus, instead of shelling out a lump sum and buying the car, it is a lot more cost effective, beneficial and practical to lease the same. On an average the lease tenure is somewhere between 36-48 months, i.e. 3-4 years.

How does the whole Mercedes car leasing process work? Well, the step-by-step explanation is given as under:

– The customer chooses the preferred Mercedes model

– The leasing company calculates the future value (when the lease tenure comes to an end) of the selected model

– Based on the above value, a rental amount is calculated

– The customer signs the lease agreement and pays the rental amount each month until the lease tenure comes to an end

Of course the lease amount covers other essential cost such as registration, insurance and maintenance charges. If you cannot afford the lease amount then there is also the option of taking a loan for the same, but there is a certain percentage of the value which has to be made as down payment. This is usually 25-30% of the monthly amount. Making a down payment is a good idea because it helps bring the overall monthly rental amount down. Needless to mention, individuals who can afford the lease amount can also pay a lump sum instead of breaking the same down to multiple instalments.