Instagram recently stated in a press release that they have over 1 billion active monthly users. Only Facebook can rival that in terms of popularity and monthly users. Instagram also revealed that almost 75% of business page profile visits come from non-followers. So, if you have a substantial following on Instagram, there is a good chance that even more people (more than your followers) will check-out your Instagram page. Instagram is the perfect place for users to share different brands with their followers and make money off their promotional skills. You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by posting about a company regularly!

How to Sell on Instagram

The only people who make money on Instagram are people with a loyal following. Not everybody can become an influencer. As long as you have expertise on specific topics, you can make money via promotions. For example, if you are an expert on yoga and you have a substantial following, you can team up with companies that cater to fitness enthusiasts, etc. The key is to stay true to your persona and give your followers links to brands and companies that they are most likely to benefit from. Research and study on how to become an Instagram influencer. There are a lot of ways to diversify your revenue streams on Instagram.

Go All Out

Instagram isn’t just a picture sharing app anymore. It is a multi-billion-dollar marketing platform. Instagram Stories is a feature of the app that allows users to post and share a series of pictures. That feature itself has over 300 million active monthly users. Influencers are required to market products on their stories, create product-dedicated posts, and provide links via the ‘Swipe-Up’ feature. Instagram is one of the best platforms to make money online, but make sure you launch your influencer career fully prepared! Gaining a following may take time, but with persistence and patience, anything is possible!