The main purpose of the popular crypto-currency broker LH-Сrypto is to provide traders with the highest quality services related to trading on large specialized exchanges.

In general, LH-Сrypto has a number of requirements for deposits, in order to weed out insolvent users. Speaking about the services of a broker, it is worth mentioning the current deposit that a potential trader wants to put on his account. What it is more, the range of services is more diverse. Classic service with all the advantages of most crypto-currency brokers can be obtained by replenishing the account with ten euros. A more extensive set of services and premium spread can be obtained without special problems after replenishing the account for one thousand euros. It is worth noting that from this mark the commission for withdrawal will be less, and the difference between the sale and exchange is offset by profitable offers.

If a trader is a legal entity, and his deposits are calculated not by one ten thousand dollars, then without special effort you can draw up a professional account, which starts with 25 thousand euros. For legal entities this amount is not a problem, so do not worry about it to a potential customer. The broker has a whole section devoted to the selection of the necessary package of services for a particular deposit. All this information can be viewed by going to the special tab “Trading parameters” in the client’s personal account.

How to accrue SWAP. Briefly about the basic rules of charging for an open position.

SWAP is the fee for transferring an open transaction the next day.

It is charged for each open order once a day (except for crypto tools). SWAP on Wednesday evening on Thursday has a triple size, but in the weekend there is no SWAP.

For some high liquidity instruments, the SWAP can be about 10 euro per lot.

Information about the size of SWAP is available in your sales office: simply right click on the symbol and select “Specification”.

Virtually every broker charges a certain fee for an open position on its site. LH-Сrypto did not become an exception in this respect. It removes every 24 hours in automatic mode a fee for each active position, not closed within 24 hours. Exceptions are only crypto-currency financial instruments that are not subject to this rule.

As for the swap over the weekend, at this time it is completely absent. The night when Thursday changes the environment, the fee increases three-fold, so that a beginner needs to be extremely careful not to allow excessive write-off of his money. It is quite easy to get used to this peculiar schedule if you constantly conduct transactions in the broker’s trading terminal.

All rules and the schedule of collection of money from accounts are available in the trading terminal of the broker’s private office.