There are certain success stories which become popular on account of how much wealth and profits an individual has made in his lifetime. However, Peter Loftin’s success story is not based on his name and fame. It is true that he has earned a great deal of profits and become an extremely successful business entrepreneur; however, Peter Loftin’s success story is based on his kind, loving and generous nature. It is this kind nature of his that has brought him all his fame. Peter Loftin’s life motto is slightly different from other business entrepreneurs.

Peter Loftin’s early life and success stories

Since a very young age, Peter Loftin was known to have a generous nature. His mind-set developed in a way in which he would gain immense happiness and pleasure by helping those who were in need. His first, early steps were taken at the age of 20, when Loftin opened up a charitable organisation to help the poor and the needy. He called this organisation Coats for Kids, which would aid those who were poor, homeless and in need of warmth during the cold, harsh winters. He donated coats as well as other types of winter garments to those who were less fortunate, thereby saving them from freezing to death in the harsh winters of the country.

Peter Loftin is considered to be one of the best business entrepreneurs amongst other businessmen of his time. Even though he faced a backlog in his academic life, Loftin made up for it by becoming the founder of his own multi-million dollar telecommunications company at the age of 31. He named his company Business Telecom Inc., or BTI, and this company grew to become the start of his massive success story, earning him revenues of 20 million dollars.

Loftin’s generosity is something everyone should know

Word about Loftin’s generosity spread far and wide, all around the world. He began to be considered a role model, not just for his immense hard work and success, but for his undeniably generous nature. All of the profits which Loftin made in his life time were donated to charity and various institutions to help those in need.

Loftin was a great connoisseur of art, and his passion for art was transformed when he purchased the famous Casa Casuarina in the year 2000. Instead of using this stunning space for his own use, Peter Loftin decided to lend this place for free to other art lovers. Here, they often held art fairs and exhibitions whose proceedings were given out to charity.

Loftin’s great successes and wonderful nature began to be used as a hallmark for the youth of the country to learn and take inspiration from. If the youth of America began looking up to Loftin’s work, respecting it and embracing it, it would not be long before the society which they lived in would be transformed into a much more beautiful place to live in. No doubt, Peter Loftin is one of those great personalities who will forever be remembered for his great work.