While you might be safely and comfortably settled in an air-conditioned room every day, there are some people who are fighting for their lives just so they can earn a living. Yes, in typical working places, some of them are quite risky and one of these is when working in a confined or enclosed space.

Why is working in this kind of environment said to be quite risky? What are the hazards?

  1.    Oxygen is either too much or too low

The earth is equipped with just enough oxygen for humans to survive. Once the oxygen is too much or too low, you can be assured that it will be hard for a human to deal with. This is what happens when one is in an enclosed space. When the oxygen is too low, it can cause adverse impact to the brain and in just a matter of minutes, the heart can stop.

  1.    Atmosphere that is toxic

Because the air cannot circulate freely, you can just expect that whatever hazardous elements in the confined space will just be there circling around the area. This is quite detrimental to humans and can cause injury or even death at that.

  1.    The presence of solids and liquids inside

When the confined space is not properly checked first thus the presence of solids and liquids is not known, this can be really hazardous and can certainly cause serious complications. That is right as this can even cause death as well as they can fill the space when triggered at times.

  1.    Falling objects

This happens a lot of time. Because the space has not been accessed ever since, one knows that some of the stones and other debris are already weakened for some reasons. Note that earthquake and other environmental calamities can weaken their grip thus they can just fall without a warning.

There are still a lot of hazards when working in a confined space that is not listed here. This is the reason why the employer should have the place meticulously checked first before allowing any random worker to enter it.

At the same time, this is also the reason why it is of utmost importance that a well-trained team in rescuing people from a confined space must be just at the beck and call.

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