In every state of the USA, it is a serious crime to drive a vehicle if the motorist is impaired by the effects of drugs or alcohol. The drivers are not even allowed to operate a vehicle if impaired by the effects of prescription medications. The offence is commonly referred to as ‘Driving while Intoxicated (DWI) or ‘Driving under the Influence (DUI), depending on the state of the driver.

Find a Friend in a DUI Lawyer

Blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) is the most reliable test to find out if the motorist was really impaired by drugs or alcohol while driving. Even if a DWI or DUI charge is labelled against any motorist, the person still has every right to defend his side. In that case, a Houston DWI lawyer can work as a friend and guide.

If BAC shows impairment, an expert lawyer having specialization in dealing with the DUI cases, can successfully represent you so that the charge is either dropped or reduced. The experienced lawyers often negotiate for treatment diversion program and lesser punishment.

Consequences of DUI Conviction

If you are convicted of a DUI charge, you will face criminal sentence such as a fine, community service or even imprisonment. Another consequence is your driving license may be suspended or cancelled, depending on how severe the offence is and if it is your first DUI offence.

Your lawyer will help you in every possible way to receive driving privileges on a condition that you will use an ignition interlock device or obtain the court’s order to drive the car to and back from your work.

Important Terms to Know

  • Blood-Alcohol Concentration or BAC: The test is performed to measure the level of concentration in the motorist’s blood in order to determine the extent of alcohol impairment.
  • Implied Consent: In every state of the USA, the motorist gives consent to a BAC test on a condition that he/she will receive his/her license. Not giving consent to a BAC test may lead to suspension of the motorist’s license.
  • DUI Checkpoints: The police usually set up roadblocks along the busy roadways during Christmas celebration, New Year Eve or other events when alcohol and drug abuse incidents are common. During this time, the motorists are extensively and randomly checked for impairment.
  • Drug Recognition Experts: The specially trained officers determine the level of drug impairment of a DUI convict.

When to Hire a DUI Lawyer

Impaired or drunk driving is a serious issue and seriously considered by the courts, as it may result into severe accidents to the convicted and other motorists. Therefore, the stakes in such cases are reasonably high. The motorists convicted of a DUI charge lose their license either temporarily or forever, pay a heavy fine and even serve jail sentence (if the person has a DUI record).

A lawyer always tries hard to get the case against his client dismissed. But if he fails to do so, he is likely to be able to get the sentence reduced.

Legal representation in DUI cases are usually expensive but a skilled lawyer is able to help the convicted obtain the best possible result either in form of dismissal of the case or lessening of sentence.