Maps have always been helpful for each and every generation of people. Right from the ancient days maps and compass have been used by the travellers to find their ways to the destination. It has also helped in identifying places that have never been explored before and hence it continues to play an important role in this modern generation as well though with a new aspect.

These days’ people do not have to carry a big map or a compass for real but what one needs to carry is a smart phone with an internet connection. A smart phone works like a blessing at times. The proper use of a smart phone can make the entire world the best place to live. It helps us connect with people and it also helps people in connecting with their desired destination.

One might not realise but these days whenever one is asked to find a destination or find the address for a specific building or office the first thing one taps on is the my maps app on the smart phone. People cannot even imagine how to find a destination if they are not allowed to use the smart phone or laptop. Sitting with the city maps and finding out the destination is going extinct. The maps app is based on the compass directions and through this compass it helps us in finding places and also the routes that can takes us to the destination within the shortest time period.

Of course there are added advantages of using the maps apps on the smart phone and it is being upgraded time to time with new features that keeps making human life comfortable. One can not only find the shortest distance to reach a destination but one can also see if the road taken would be worth it or not. The satellite view of the Google maps displays the roads in blue lines and if there is a huge traffic on the road then the area that is stuck with traffic is displayed in red lines.

The estimated time period shown by the app is calculated on the basis of speed limit and distance and also adding up the traffic delays for the stuck areas. One can see all the things in advance and then decide to take the path that suits the best. Along with all these features the Instant Google street view also allows a person to visit the place on the virtual platform. The panoramic pictures are shot by professionals and are uploaded on the app so that people can see the roads in the exact way they would see while driving.

This makes it simple to find out the building that one needs to visit, look at the near- by places, food joints and places to visit and hence one does not have to search for it after reaching the place. The Instant Google street view provides people with the comfort of knowing a place even before being there personally.