When you get an account containing 100,000 followers, you are going to want the same. Again, you see an account containing a million followers; you will want the same. It’s very natural to want to have followed by a large number of people, as this is the parameter through which an account is considered successful. What is the popularity of your account? What are the number of people know about you? And, how many of them can you sell your product or service?

So, whatever the reason is, every one will want a big number. But again, the thing which matters is that how many people following you are the right kind of your audience, not the number.

A Different Way to Look into it

Let’s suppose you have a store. You get around 100,000 visitors in your store in a year. So, that’s a good number of visitors you get in a year. So, it means around 274 people per day is visiting your shop. Out of them suppose only 2,000 people show interest in buying some item from your store, and out of 2,000 only 200 really buys something in a whole year. So, every investment you made, such as the time of employees and expenses on business were for 100,000 visitors, out of which only 200 buyers you could get, is a waste. Similarly, if you had no visitors, you would have no sale.

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Social Media Needs Followers Who Are Interested

Your number of followers won’t matter if they are not interested in buying anything from you. You need audiences who are interested in your product; you need prospective customers. But yeah, you need followers. If you don’t have followers means that you can’t gather 10,000 at once who are interested in your product.

How to gather a big number of prospective followers

There are two ways to make followers. Either you invest a lot of time sitting on the internet and attract people with attractive posts. But this process is going to take a long time. The easy method is to approach companies, such as likesforge.com and ask them your requirement. You can concentrate on your product, and you can get people who are interested in product/service. But remember, always keep your followers engaged by attractive posts in your social media.