If you are a responsible owner of a food business or establishment, you must secure the proper food license for your food business, since food license is issued by the government in accordance with FSSAI of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India as a permission to operate to operate or run a food business. However, they are a few entrepreneurs that FSSAI can help as a tool in the promotion of food business.

How FSSAI affects the food business industry?

There are regulations as well as time period in getting a food license and obviously as a food operator you want to run your food business legally and you must secure a valid food license. All the food business/establishment is obliged to display their licenses as a proof that they are legitimate. A food business without a license could be penalised under the prohibitions of the law. As the owner you will have a peace of mind and the customers will have the assurance not risking their health.

FSSAI grants the necessary licenses if they are satisfied that the food business is compliance with the requirements, once the food business is FSSAI compliant, they can be granted the license, the soonest.

Can a food business benefit from FSSAI?

The FSSAI issues a food license which is regarded as a permit, which is a requirement to operate a food business and as a proof that there is an assurance of a good quality of food and a degree of actions if found non compliance with the laws and regulations.

The FSSAI license serves as a marketing tool to boost your food business. Some entrepreneurs or owners oversee the importance of FSSAI. The consumers become aware of the quality of the food they eat. The people have the right to know that the food they take is not only safe but a guarantee that is of good quality.

Aside from the legalities of having an FSSAI license, most of the businesses see that getting a food license is time consuming and expensive, but in reality once caught, the penalties that you will have to pay is more expensive. It is advisable to secure the license so you can officially open your business.

After securing the food license from FSSAI, you can use the FSSAI logo on your menu cards and pamphlets to show that your food is of good quality over others. This will give you an edge over other food operators who do not have the license. Selective customers would prioritize the food products with the FSSAI logo and license and this will help you build a name if you want to enter the manufacturing of food products.

If and when the time comes for you to expand on your business in other areas or outlets, this can be easily done if you have an FSSAI license. The food license under FSSAI can help you establish and grow your business in a different area and in terms of expansion; it is easier to get bank loans because of the license.