Every selection is made keeping a particular purpose in mind. If you have the requirement to measure the speed of vehicles passing a particular road or intersection then your best bet is a traffic speed camera, which will make the work easy for you. The red-light cameras too can easily catch one if they are speeding or something. These traffic speed cameras are able to detect the speed of a passing vehicle either by making use of detectors placed on the road or making use of radar technology and thereby being able to pinpoint out the offenders from a number of passers-by. Also, if the speed of a particular vehicle is more than the specified limit then a digital picture is taken which can later be used for prosecution of the offender as solid proof.

In order to know which speed camera to buy you will have to understand the different types of traffic speed cameras and how they work accordingly.

1) Gatso Speed Cameras

All might be aware of the big yellow Gatso speed cameras, the main surveillance item out there on the roads which people tend to ignore and then find themselves paying for a speeding ticket.

2) Speed Camera

This one takes two pictures of a car and then considers the time taken to reach from one point to another and the distance between them in order to ascertain whether a vehicle is speeding or not. The calibration scale allows 10% of speed increment but that too isn’t exactly correct.

3) Average Speed Cameras

These cameras work on a zone basis. They read your car plate when you enter the zone and then read it again when you leave thereby calculating the time taken to cover the specified distance and thereby ascertaining whether someone is speeding or not.

4) Mobile Speed Cameras

These ones are used by the police officers as a reactionary measure to look out for speeding cars. These are often operated by police officers sitting in marked or unmarked cars and thereby help them to sneakily catch people trying to speed up on roads.

5) ANPR Cameras

Automatic number plate registration cameras are the ones which are usually fitted into police vans which means that while they are patrolling these cameras are scanning through the crowd.

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