Whether you operate an office-based business or a retail outlet, you’ll know that maintaining your facilities is a year-round operation and something that requires hard work and dedication to ensure safe and efficient delivery. As we leave the colder winter months and head towards the spring, Precision Facilities Management is here to share some advice…

Conduct a full check

The changing season gives you an opportunity to perform a full check on your facilities and make any necessary adjustments. You’ll be able to predict any future problems and have them fixed before they become a genuine issue, whether it’s a leaking tap or a pothole in your company car park. Making notes of smaller damage and problems and listing them in order of importance and priority can give your team focus and ensure your premises are at their best. As we always say, proactive maintenance is better/cheaper than reactive fixes.

It’s time for a spring clean

Although you should ideally be investing in a daily cleaning regime for your business, the truth is that you can’t always focus on those nooks and crannies. Now is the time to give your facilities a real spring clean, designed to both service your premise and increase productivity. The cleaner and fresher your business looks, the better, so consider investing in new equipment and giving your walls a new lick of paint to freshen things up, too. In today’s challenging times of COVID-19, cleaning has never been more important, so don’t scrimp. Having a clean and inviting working environment can even impact employee productivity.

Review your grounds maintenance

One of the most important tasks to prepare your facilities for the spring is to look at your grounds and decide how best to spend your time and budget. The chances are that your gardens are looking worse for wear after a cold winter, so planting some bulbs and flowers can bring them back to life and ensure you’re giving off the right first impression every time someone pulls up at your door. Remove weeds, tidy up rubbish and make sure it looks fresh.

Look at your floors

Next up, it’s time to think about flooring. In the colder winter months, wood and carpeted floors can really suffer and look worse for wear. Take out your carpet cleaner and give those areas a good clean – depending on your budget, it could even be time to replace the flooring.

Give your air conditioning units the once over

As the weather begins to heat up and your staff look to have more control over their working environment, it’s a good idea to test your air conditioning units to ensure that they’re functioning. Clean away any dust and dirt and give them the once over. It’ll save you a great deal of hassle and headaches if you know they’re working now, rather than waiting until the warmer summer months only to realize that they’re not fit for purpose and need replacing.

Do you have any other spring tips? Let us know and check back to the blog soon for more.