Search engine optimization is all about finding interesting keywords and phrases. For each keyword or phrase you optimize a page on your website and with sufficient relevant links to this page it becomes important to Google. If someone searches for the keyword or search phrase, your page will appear at the top of the search engine if everything goes well. So much for the theory, but how does practice work when launching a new website?

SEO website

When you launch a new website, it is important to choose the right keywords that you, as a newcomer, can really score on. The chance that you as a new taxi company score high on the keyword ‘taxi’ is virtually zero, ‘taxi Zwolle’ already offers more chances and ‘taxi Zwolle elderly passenger transport’ even more (although fewer people will look for it).

Many people want to immediately score high on a competitive keyword, but this makes little sense for a new website. The website has no authority in Google’s eyes. Among other things, the Authority has to deal with the amount of – relevant – links to your site, the amount of information that you provide (the number of articles) and the age of the site. How do you solve this problem with a new site? For the conversion optimized websites this is important.

Search engine optimization

Choose keywords with less competition to still get visitors. A lot of little ones also make a big one. You can find keywords in different ways. Do you want to know how often internet users type the search words and phrases globally, then use Google Adwords for free keyword advice .

Next Ideas

Logically share your site and add as much relevant information as possible, which reinforces the main theme. If your site is about coffee, then create pages for coffee filters, coffee makers, coffee cups, etc. It’s all about relevance. In this context, also place links to the best coffee sites on the net. Search engines can thus better place what your website is about.

Link building

Make sure that people write about your site in blogs and that you are linked to them on link pages. A new website happens to be the reason for a press release, but then incorporate a newsworthy approach. For example, coffee drinkers use the internet on average half an hour longer because they are awake earlier.

When collecting links, always make sure that it stays natural. If someone gets a thousand links in two weeks, Google will ring the phone and the search engine will place you – in the worst case – lower or not at all in the search results. However, you always get a warning first, so don’t get scared either. If it feels reasonable it is reasonable.

Last Words

Scoring high immediately is impossible on some keywords and phrases due to the huge competition. If they are important, then start an Adwords Campaign for those top keywords that really describe your product or service.