One of the most useful and expensive equipment you buy for your office can be a photocopier. It is the most helpful machine which you regularly use to meet your daily business requirements, and when this machine is down, it practically halts the complete workflow of the business. Due to its vital importance, it is wise to maintain the copier regularly, which ensures the machine’s uptime and also helps to extend its life. Some of the essential copier maintenance tips are given hereunder that will help to keep your copier ready for work always and also extends its life.  


  • Use Recommended Parts & Supplies


Every machine comes with a user manual, and it is wise to treat your machine accordingly. Use of substandard or not recommended parts not only affects the performance of your copier, but also decrease the machine’s life. Contrary to this, the recommended parts & supplies are designed for your machine, which ensures that you get the best performance from your copier while it also helps to use your machine for a much longer time. So it is recommended that you should only buy the copier parts & supplies that are advised in the user manual. 


  • Proper Paper Reloading


Paper jamming is one of the most common problems of copiers, and it not only halts the printing process but also damages the parts of your copier. To tackle this problem, it is wise to use high-quality papers and also reload them properly. Before reloading, make sure to check that the papers are dry and not folded. Never load wet or folded paper into the machine as they will get stuck and severely damages the copier. With proper paper reloading, you can ensure the smooth printing process and enhance the life of your copier. 


  • Cleaning 


Dust and debris are also the enemy of your copier that severely damages the copier’s performance. It is wise to properly clean the copier on a regular basis. You can use a nonabrasive cloth to clean the glass surface of your copier. Never spray glass cleaner directly on the screen instead you should use the cleaning cloth for this purpose. Also, make sure to remove the paper clips or staples from the documents before printing to save the glass from scratches. To clean the other parts of your copier, you can use a paintbrush and gently clean dust from paper trays, toner cartridges, and other parts. Proper cleaning will enhance the copier’s performance and extends the life of its parts. 


  • Ventilation For Copier 


Overheating problems are prevalent, and this problem is extremely harmful to the copier. The parts and supplies of every copier machine are designed to work on a specific temperature, and their performance suffers when these parts have to work in extreme temperatures. It is recommended to place your copier at a place where a proper mechanism of ventilation is in place. You can also go for an air conditioning system to get rid of this problem. This investment seems too much initially, but it saves a lot of money in the long run that most people spent on replacing parts and repairing their copier machines. 


  • Service Check 


You cannot do everything on your own, and sometimes it is better to avail services of a certified professional. There are several places and complex components in your copier that you cannot manage on your own, so whenever your copier starts beating or makes any unusual noise it is better to timely call a certified professional to check your copier. If you are using your copier with a malfunctioning part, then it can be affecting the performance of other components as well. So proper service check of your copier machine is essential to keep the performance up to the mark.