A primary means to lead a less stressful life is to institute effective time management and there are many ways for you to do this. If you are able to plan your time well, you can balance the conflicting demands of time for study, work and leisure as well as have more time for your loved ones. Poor effective time management is what prevents a business from fulfilling its potential and the work day can be a long and tiring one with no end results. Poor planning and other persons controlling your work and time can be frustrating.

With poor effective time management, time is usually wasted in doing some things that can be done within no time or even ignored. Time is provided to everyone in equal measure and the challenge will be to use this limited resource in an effective manner. If you can plan your time properly, you will avoid crises and gain a sense of accomplishment. The things that can benefit you as well as your business can be done. Enjoying your life will also be possible because only the things which matter can be done. The following is what you can do if you would like to manage your time better.

The first thing that you need is to start with yourself and resolve to start managing your time instead of letting time become your manager. Once you have come to the realization that you might be the actual cause of part of your problems with effective time management, you are now ready for change. Poor work habits will often lead to time management problems and you need to take an audit of how you are spending your time. There are many events or activities that cause you to use your time in an ineffective manner and some of the major ones are as follows.

When it comes to effective time management, there are external and internal time wasters. External time wasters include telephone interruptions, visitors, meetings socialization and lack of information. Excessive paperwork, red tape, lack or policies or procedures, communication breakdown and lacking competent personnel are the other external time wasters. Internal time wasters include failure to delegate, failure to set your priorities, procrastination, unclear objectives, and failure to plan. Crisis management and lack of self discipline are others. Trying to perform too many things at once and lack of required skills are the other internal time wasters.

Once you have this information, you need to learn how to direct your time. Setting goals and listing your priorities is the first thing that will institute effective time management. You can learn the principles of scheduling so that you can come up with a to-do list. Making better use of your time includes setting up a daily routine that is very different to how you used to do things in the past. Changing old habits takes time and you should not procrastinate because now is the best time for you to begin your new way of life.