I keep discovering new mobile apps that change the way I live. They solve life in one way or another and at some point I wonder how was I able to live without that app before.

Today I will tell you about an app I downloaded a couple of months ago and that I now use constantly. I’m talking about Verse – instant mobile payments. An application that allows you to make instant transfers between friends without commissions. And how can this make your life better?

My life without Verse

Friday night. I leave the office with a great thirst for beer, usual at thismoment of the week. I find myself in a bar with some friends and we share everything that has happened to us this week, well, rather than share it we drown it in beers. When we are leaving, my two friends find out that they don’t have anycash. No worries, it’s Friday and I’m so happy I offer myself to pay for everything.

We go to a cashier, my friends get 50 euros each and we go for dinner to a new Mexican restaurant that has just been open. We eat and drink as if it was the last day of our lives, in addition to tacos we also had quesadillas, margaritas, shots and many other things I can’t remember right now. It’s time to pay and the waiter doesn’t want to split the bill. He asks us to pay together.

As I have already said, on Friday nights I usually experience a spice of joy, altruism and love for the people around me that leads me to say “I can pay now, and you can pay me afterwards”. What also happens on Friday nights is that I’m not aware that “afterwards” doesn’t exist.

I’m going to expend AutoOnline the next months of my life trying to recover the money I left in that Mexican restaurant, then I will start to feel bad for asking so much and finally I will stop claiming. I’ll never see that money again.

My life with Verse

Friday night. I’m waiting for two friends at the cinema, as there is quite a long queue I have already bought the tickets. When they arrive, each one pays me the value of the entry through the app with a single click.

We leave the cinema and gofor dinner. At that moment we remember that Saturday is a friend’s birthday. We decide to organize an event and buy a gift for him. In order to do this, we organize a common pot in the Verse app where everyone puts 30 euros to buy the gift, the alcohol and the dinner for tomorrow’s party.

We go buy the gift and go back home. We’ve been to the cinema, had dinner, organized a party and bought a gift between the three of us and we don’t owe us a single euro. Don’t you think it’s wonderful?