There are several benefits of becoming an authenticated bitcoin member. That is because once you become a member, you are entitled to the benefits from the site. Also, other traders prefer doing trade with only verified members. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss guidelines on how to become a fully verified bitcoin member. For instance, you want a bitbuy account. The following are essential documents that you need for verification.

Passport or driver’s license

Here is among the most critical documents that you will be required to provide before you become fully verified bitcoin trade member. This document is to confirm your details, such as the state, date of birth, full names, and much more. Therefore if you provide any of the two documents, your first step towards member verification will be completed.

Bank statement

A bank statement is another vital document you will be required to provide when verifying your bitcoin account. Here the bank statement or a utility bill will be used to show other essential information about you. Some of the data retrieved from the bank statement includes your address.

The user photo

Also, among the other necessary steps to take when you need to become a verified bitcoin member is a picture while holding your national identity card. The image you provide here should be transparent such that the respective people will identify your face quickly. The national identification card is for showing the exact location that you come from. Since the bitcoin trader website is a legit site, they have put several security measures to ensure only the serious traders join the site.

Depending on the type of account that you need to open, there might be some additional documents that you will be required to provide. For instance, if you need a business account, you may be required to provide some more records. The verification process takes very minimal time between 24 to 72 hours.