Every business owner or professional who seeks search engine optimisation services should choose the best SEO companies in Melbourne. However, with so many agencies it can be a difficult task to find the one that best meets your requirements. The following step-by-step guide should help you evaluate and select find right SEO firm for your business.

Choosing the Right SEO Agency

  • Create an Online List: Search online for the top SEO agencies in Melbourne. It is easy to find the names of all the leading service providers in your area. A simple search in Google can provide you the list.
  • Create Your Own List: The next step is to create your own seed list of SEO service providers. Include agencies in this list that are specifically suited to your business. Consider your needs and goals when creating this list. You may need an agency that is located close to you. You may need one with affordable services. Search for finest SEO agencies in Melbourne that meet these criteria. Next evaluate them on the basis of the kind of SEO services they provide – local, small business, technical, or niche-based SEO.
  • Visit Website: Once you have created a seed list of search engine optimisation partners, visit each one’s website. Check their about-us page, services page, and testimonials page. Some agencies may also have a portfolio page where you can check the results of their work.
  • Check Testimonials: Checking client feedbacks can be extremely important in choosing the best SEO services in Melbourne. You can find valuable information on their testimonial pages that can tell you what you can also expect from them.
  • Check Online Reviews: In addition to the testimonials on the website, it is also recommended to search for online reviews. Clients are always going to leave reviews if they are fully satisfied with an agency or if they have any complaints with them. A large number of positive reviews followed by a few negative ones may be acceptable. Still you should evaluate those negative reviews to determine what kind of potential issues you may face if you choose an agency.
  • Own SEO Results: Another way to evaluate the best SEO companies in Melbourne is to check there own SEO results. It will require a few simple searches on Google. Search for their company name and check where they rank in search results. Search for keywords which are relevant to their services and location. If an SEO firm ranks high for their keywords, you can include them in your final list.
  • Contact the Services: Once you have created a concise list of excellent SEO services in Melbourne, you should contact them directly. Most agencies will have their phone number and email address on their contact page. Let them know what you expect from your SEO campaigns and check how they approach your problems and concerns.

Once you have had your initial consultation, it will become easier for you to shortlist 2 to 3 agencies that best meet your requirements. Check the services that perform an SEO audit of you website and provide a detailed report. You can then discuss their rates and ask for their plan to accomplish your goals. So when looking for the best SEO companies in Melbourne, you should follow all the above-mentioned steps to ensure that you sign-up with the right agency.


When looking for the top SEO agencies in Melbourne, you should follow a step-by-step process. Start by searching online and then visit the agency’s website. Find out what their clients have to say through online reviews and how do they themselves rank in search engines.