Here you will have a unique opportunity to find new clients, partners, like-minded people and friends. In the coworking center you can meet anyone, because there are often held regular thematic meetings and events, trainings and training seminars with the participation of well-known businessmen who are happy to reveal their secrets and share the secrets of victories, which is not only interesting, but also perfectly motivating.

History of coworking

Of course, you should remember who created the concept of “co-working” and gave him life, a real crime. The history of coworking began in 2005. A young American programmer, Bret Newberg, who was rapidly climbing the career ladder, decided to rent an office for himself. Scrolling through all possible options, Newberg was surprised at the overpriced prices, as he did not demand any luxury, just a comfortable workplace. The man did not like the monotonous work in the office under the strict supervision of the head, but for some reason he could not work at home either. He was just starting to get bored and languished from longing for the incessant conversations of inspired colleagues.

Bret decided to rent a large room in one of the office buildings and offered it as a workplace for people like him – “free creators”, appointing a small monthly fee, which he considered the most reasonable for like-minded people. In exchange, they were offered unlimited use of office facilities, free Wi-Fi, joint lunches and bike rides on weekends. In just three months, he was joined by several freelancers and start-up teams, and the unique workplace organization scheme was called co-working. Exactly a year later, coworking became known and applicable around the world. You should go for any of the available shared desks in Sydney and for that you will be getting a smart solution.


Do you think one of the first co-working centers opened? You are mistaken. This movement appeared in 2008 in the millionaire city of Yekaterinburg and was called the “Tower”. But, unfortunately, could not survive the crisis of 2009 and was closed. However, after a couple of years, more than 80 co-working centers were created again, 20 of which were located in Moscow and more than 5 in St. Petersburg.

However, at that time, co-working in Russia was faced with many obstacles, starting with the difficulties with solving administrative issues, ending with the lack of formalization of such activities in the Legislation of the Russian Federation. But it is quite normal to create a completely new type of business.

At the same time, several years ago, in 2012, the idea of ​​developing co-working spaces deserved the attention of the state in the framework, Coworking 2.0 project, which provided the basis for the further implementation of this format in the mainstream infrastructure created to support start-ups and small businesses.

The Effective Development

With the development of communications, the desire of society to use the services of coworking centers and the refusal to pay huge amounts of money for the office in parallel with the growing understanding of the disadvantages of working from home interest in coworking increases. Skeptics can look at the dynamics of search queries. In general, coworking is a new level of organization of work for any person, a haven for promising and ambitious people, an opportunity for self-realization and creativity.