Google Analytics – Blocking Your Ip Address

Posted: March 13th, 2006 | Filed under: Internet Marketing | 1 Comment »

Google AnalyticsIjust started using Google Analytics a few weeks ago and I simply love it! The detailed statistics are phenomenal, along with the tracking capabilities, visitor stats, and the cool graphs and charts. The wealth of information it provides is amazing, especially at the unbeatable price of free!

After using the service for a while I noticed that I was getting a huge amount of traffic from Fort Collins, Colorado USA. Funny, this is where I live. Well, it was obviously me who was causing the spike in traffic as I visit my site several times a day when I write articles, modify designs, etc. I knew with Google’s big brains they must have some kind of filter set up to block out certain IP addresses, and guess what, they do! However, their must of been a brain fart the day they developed it because it doesn’t work.

I thought that perhaps there must be a reason why I couldn’t block my own IP address from showing up in the Google Analytics statistics so I researched it online. I quickly found out I wasn’t the only one that was experiencing this problem. David Thomas over at The Affiliate Marketer also had this problem. Being the smart guy that Dave is he provides a simple to implement piece of PHP code you can place on your site that will block the Google Analytics script from being shown for a certain IP. This is a fool-proof method for blocking Google Analytics from tracking your own page views. You can obtain the code from his website here.

One Comment on “Google Analytics – Blocking Your Ip Address”

  1. 1 Mark said at 2:14 am on November 15th, 2007:

    If you want to exclude internal traffic from appearing in your reports, you can filter out a specific IP address. I nfilter manager put your ip address, f.e. your ip is: put there 1\.1\.1\.1\.1 that is all!