Your birth certificates are without a doubt an essential personal record. It’s critical you store this vital document securely, at all times, to avoid later inconveniences. A Georgia birth certificate proves your identity and without it, it’s nearly impossible to access a plethora of services such as getting a passport and even getting into driving schools in the state.

If you misplace or even damage your original birth certificates, you can easily replace them. Individuals born in Georgia need only apply for a copy certificate and it shall be delivered to their mailboxes or to their Emails. Parents, guardians, and spouses can also request copy certificates via email or through the conventional mail. But, for these persons to get access to copies of other’s birth certificates, the names should be matching.


It takes a couple of moments to complete out the simple questionnaire provided. In it, you’ll be expected to furnish the certificates issuing company with info such as your official government names, your working email addresses, your current, and complete home/office addresses, your date and exact place of birth and finally, the full names of your parents.

On the place of birth, the applicant is supposed to provide details on the particular hospital they were born at. At times, you might be unaware or unsure as to some of the information required to get copies of their Georgia birth certificate. If that’s ever the case, don’t fret or panic, just reach out to respected certificate-processing companies like, First Birth Certificates and you’ll get all the vital info and data to help fill out the missing gaps.

Provided you have filled out the questionnaire correctly, the requested birth certificate orders do not take long to reach your end. Here are a few poignant heads up pointers to check off on before hitting that send certificate order button.

  • Make sure you present a clear and 100% enlarged selfie picture with a lightened shade
  • Attach a copy of your ID alongside the order and print it out to sign and then click send


The costs of replacing certificates tend to differ depending on the circumstances. You can either use the standardized processing avenue or opt for the costlier but quicker expedited option or the immediate processing option. Getting copies of your vital records sets you back around $35 and you’ll pay an added fee of $39.95 bringing the standardized option costs to around $75 in total. The latter option takes around 20-30 days. To get your Georgia birth certificate right away, you’ll pay a total of $134.95 and the documents get delivered in 4-6 business days.

In conclusion

First Birth Certificates is a fantastic platform that has made it remarkably convenient for Georgians to replace their lost or destroyed Georgia birth certificate. First Birth Certificates offers you tailor-made and affordable options through which you can order and receive your vital records.