Photography lovers are always watchful, making use of the five senses to detect all the places and corners that are liable to become an improvised scenario for a great photo. That is why every routine activity means an opportunity to find new spots, new models and new points of view.

Travelling, indeed, is a great occasion to discover not only new places to take photos, but new cultures and even new lights and colours. So, if we are in Barcelona, we can enjoy a great lightning thanks to its wonderful weather; living Mediterranean colours and some of the best scenarios in the world.

Additionally, there is a large photography tradition in the Catalan capital. Therefore, we find great opportunities such aswell-prepared professionals, or photo studio rental in Barcelona that can help us to improve the quality of our photos.

Picture: pixabay

Rent a photoshoot studio in Barcelona

Barcelona has a wide range of magical spots and charming corners, but sometimes we don’t want the scenario to be the protagonist of the photo. In some cases, the focus of our photo is on people: their attitude, their personality, their faces and the feelings they transmit.

Those times, we completely recommend photo studio rental in Barcelona. Counting with flexible and versatilefacilities, modern equipment and well-prepared professionals are some advantages we can enjoy when we rent a photo studio.

So, if you want to get professional and satisfactory results, do not hesitate to contact one of this studios.

Panoramic Barcelona

If you want to take the best panoramic photo of Barcelona, these are some places you should not miss:

  • Tibidabo hill: In Collserola park we can find Tibidabo mountain, which is together with Montjuïc the most famous hill in Barcelona.

On the top of Tibidabo we also find an amusement park, which is the oldest one in Europe. Additionally, the views from there are probably the best views of Barcelona.

  • Turó de la Rovira: Here we find remains of old bunkers used during Spanish Civil War. Nowadays, a photography exhibition is placed there, which means another great opportunity for photography lovers.

  • Güell Park:This is one of the most famous parks all around the world. Designed by the genius Antoni Gaudí, this park is a breath-taking construction located in El Carmel neighbourhood. Curved and beautiful forms, living colours and a perfect mix between nature and stone are only some of the multiple reasons to visit this architectural jewel. In addition, the views of the sunset from there are strongly recommendable.

Curves, colours and nature

We have already talked about Antoni Gaudí, the most famous Catalan architect around the world. He designed some constructions that we guarantee you will want to take pictures of.

Most of his buildings are recognizable thanks to its wonder shapes and colours. In fact, nature was his main source of inspiration. So, since nature is not completely straight, neither are his works.

Casa Batlló, Casa Milà or Sagrada Familia temple (where there is not a single straight line) are some of his astonishing designs.