If you received a notice for the Los Angeles Building and Safety about a soft story retrofit, you are probably thinking what the engineering plans are going to cost. This article will give you some recommendations on what you should expect to pay for structural and engineering plans.

How Much Do Engineering Plans Cost?

The price of the plans determines the quantity of work it will take to design an engineering solution for the structure. You should know that the technicians are trying to design a retrofit solution that will avoid the seismic forces that a building will experience during an earthquake. Engineers have to consider the weight of the property, building size, current building growth, vicinity close to the earthquake fault and other geological factors.

The price of the steel frame is different based on the size of your building, and even the company you choose to seek the services of. But do not forget that paying less for engineering services can sometimes mean you pay more for your retrofit construction. You’ll need to take this into account if you are simply considering choosing the smallest bidder.

What Should Your Seismic Professional Know?

The engineer should be aware of when to use shear walls instead of steel frames, what size steel to use, and the appropriate steel frame location, based on current circumstances. The engineer should also avoid limiting vehicle parking make certain the least disturbance to lifestyle. Understanding where and how to place metal supports around the vehicle parking garage area starting or how to use the current surfaces is essential to a proper seismic retrofit style.

The task for engineers in the growth of seismic retrofit plans is to evaluate the complications of each building and make a decision on the best way to position the steel, or whether a shear wall is a better, possible solution to produce results that the town will accept and allow for a permit.