The phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” that was first coined by novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 couldn’t have put it any better. However, for that pen to be mightier, it requires practical writing skills. To achieve such skills, you need to practice and continually improve your writing skills. As a student, this might not always come easy, mainly if you are tasked with challenging topics. With the help of professional services, however, you can conveniently achieve wow writing skills.

Acquiring wow writing means you get to submit quality essays that guarantee good grades. If you are struggling to navigate through the essay writing field, here are a few tips to ease your quest.

Thoroughly read the prompt and pick a topic

Understanding the essay prompt is the most significant concept as it helps you to identify the type of essay to write. You could be required to discuss or compare given ideas in a particular field, and if you don’t understand the prompt, you are less likely to meet the requirements. Moreover, essay prompts could restrict your view; for instance, if you are asked to discuss an event that occurred in the 2oth century, it limits your research to that specific period.

After understanding what the essay prompt requires, you can now start to jot down ideas on the best topic. Take your time and brainstorm relevant topics that best fit the essay type following the prompt.

Create an outline

The last thing you want is to get lost in the middle of your essay. An overview helps you to arrange your thoughts, facilitating a free-flow and arrangement of information. An excellent outline includes your thesis statement followed by the main ideas and supporting thoughts, with the thesis statement stating your topic and the primary argument your essay intends to deliver. A simple outline such as writing your main ideas followed by supporting thoughts is an excellent approach of creating an outline to guide your writing process.

Start writing

Now that you have a topic, thesis statement, and an outline of your essay, you can get down to writing. Start by writing a thesis statement that tells the reader the essay’s purpose. This is followed by the introductory paragraph expressing your wow writing skills by being exciting to hook the reader. It needs to be as fascinating as possible, and you could use a shocking revelation, a quote, story, or a dialogue approach to capture the reader’s attention and hook them to want to read the entire essay.

After the introduction, it is time to expand your main ideas. From your outline, you can comfortably establish a free-flow paragraph by paragraph. Each paragraph should consist of independent ideas supported by your thoughts and relevant references.


The conclusion’s significance carries more weight, as is the case with the introductory paragraph. The conclusion sums up your ideas, and you shouldn’t make the mistake of introducing new ideas. Make the conclusion short and precise.

Edit the draft

Before submitting the copy, editing is vital. You should check the essay’s structure, proofread, and verify that you used the required format before submitting your essay.

Don’t give up yet; although essay writing is a demanding process, you can ease the burden by hiring wow writing services. The professional and experienced writers will help you to navigate through the varying consideration and improve your skills to match your professor’s expectations.