NH logistics is a serviceable performer when it comes to any business development or intensification of the current venture. The website nh-logistics.com gives a wide range of information on the questions that are recurrently enquired by the customers as well as the viewers.

1) What are the services provided by NH Logistics?

The list is only indicative and is not exhaustive about the services provided by the logistics company.

  • Customs Clearance
  • Transitory import and export
  • ATA carnet
  • Certification
  • DDP shipments
  • E-Fulfillment
  • Forward Stocking location
  • World class delivery
  • Event logistics
  • Exhibition logistics
  • International Transportation

2) Who are the main trading partners of NH?

There are 2 categories of partners here for NH logistics. Exporters and Importers

Main Importers with an approx. % of contribution

  • China (21%)
  • Germany (9%)
  • US (7%)
  • France (4%)
  • Italy (3%)
  • Other countries (56%)

Main Exporters with an approx. % of contribution

  • Netherlands (11%)
  • China (10%)
  • Germany (8%)
  • Turkey (5%)
  • Italy (5%)
  • Other countries (61%)

3) What is the main export products dealt with?

  • Petroleum Oil
  • Bituminous mineral oil
  • Briquettes, coal and similar fuels
  • Semi-finished products of iron
  • Semi-finished products of non-alloy steel
  • Meslin
  • Wheat
  • Others

4) What is the main import products dealt with?

  • Transmitter for Radio telephony
  • Medicines’
  • Automobile parts
  • Cars
  • Equipment’

At nh-logistics.com detailed information about all these are noticeably put up for a better understanding. There are additional categories that are covered brilliantly with well researched data and give a through insight of the company and its business. Whether you want to order a full range of service or just want to understand the services, this website is all-encompassing.