You’ve got a lot on your plate if you’re a leader at your company. It’s easy to work right up to the last minute, only to rush out the door and realize there’s something you forgot to do. Not only is that not good for your business, it doesn’t set you up for success the next day either.

Instead of letting the day take you wherever it does, take control of the workday and make sure you do these four things before you leave the office.

Check on Important Payments

Dealing with invoices can be a nightmare. It’s easy to put off paying that invoice for another day, and it’s easy to put off sending out the next invoice until tomorrow. Even if it’s easy, you’re asking for trouble.

Always check on and complete important payments before the end of the day. It will prevent things from falling through the cracks, and it will give you peace of mind.

It doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming! Use invoice management software and you can check on important payments in just minutes.

Double Check Your Schedule for the Day

Before you leave the office, double check that you’ve done everything you meant to do for the day. Then, make a new list of the things you need to conquer the next day.

Not only does making a list help ensure you’re getting everything done, but to-do lists actually help your brain in other ways that include:

  • Giving your memory a break
  • Turning the abstract into something tangible
  • Thinking through what needs to get done, and what can wait

Check in With Coworkers

It can be dangerous to make friends with coworkers, but that doesn’t mean a little friendliness can’t go a long way. Make it a point to stop by at least one person’s desk each and every day. You can check in about an important project to see how things are going, or simply ask about their family. It’s a great way to show employees you care, which can create a more pleasant work atmosphere.

Leave Work on a Positive Note

Ending the day on a positive note is relatively easy, but how do you leave work on a positive note?

A few ideas include:

  • Reflect on the positive things that happened at work that day
  • Give a thank you note to a coworker, or send one to a client in the mail
  • Write about your goals for the next day in a journal

Leaving on a positive note also means avoiding things that can ruin your day at the last minute. Avoid checking your email one last time, and wait to return low-priority calls that come in at the last second until the next day.

It doesn’t really matter what the end of your day looks like, or what you choose to do with the last few minutes of the day. What matters is that you mindfully craft an end-of-the-day routine that works for you.