Firefox 3 Tweaks & Hacks

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Image NameSo I recently upgraded to Firefox 3. If you don’t know, Firefox 3 is the most recent upgrade to the Firefox browser, and just recently set a new Guinness World Record for most downloads in 24 hours, over 8.3 million. If you aren’t using Firefox I highly recommend you check it out, it’s highly configurable and there are many free add-ons available that allow you to customize, tweak, and fit the browser just the way you want to use it.

I love Firefox and have been using it for quite some time, however I can’t say I’m impressed or unimpressed with Firefox 3. There are many improvements and improved memory performance, but overall I haven’t seen much difference in the way I use it vs. the way I used Firefox 2. I did however have to make some additional customizations to fit the way I use it and make my Firefox 3 look and act a little bit more like the old Firefox.

Here’s a few tweaks and hacks I did, in addition a list of all the add-ons I use and why I use them.

  • Customizing the AwesomeBar (Location Bar). The new ‘Awesome Bar’ as it’s called was hardly awesome for me. Especially with the two icons at the right, RSS, and Bookmark icon. The problem is, you can’t easily get rid of them. If I want to subscribe to an RSS feed I will find the link on the site, it’s something I don’t do often anyway. I don’t use Firefox Bookmarks, so that icon is completely worthless to me. So here are the resources and add-ons I used to get the awesomebar the way I wanted it.
  • With the awesomebar customized, I then turned my attention to installing all the old add-ons I used in Firefox2. Listed below are the current add-ons I use and a brief description of why I use them.
    • AI Roboform Toolbar for Firefox – You’re probably already using Roboform by not, if not you should be, I’ve written about it many times before. This add-on will be installed when you install Roboform.
    • ChromEdit Plus – This is a great tool and I used it to implement the customizations to remove the RSS and Bookmark Icons from the location bar. You can also use it for additional advanced hacks.
    • Download Statusbar – For me downloading with Firefox is much too complicated and requires too many steps, there’s no point in opening a new window, clearing out the downloads from it, etc. etc. This add on gets rid of all those steps and makes downloading easy, convenient, and customizable.
    • Google Toolbar for Firefox – Google Toolbar, pretty much a standard for Internet marketers.
    • IE Tab – This is a must have, I HATE having to use IE for sites that only use IE, like movie watching on Netflix, or online QuickBooks. Use this plugin and you can use IE inside a Tab, just like it’s Firefox.
    • Navigational Sounds – Well, one thing I always missed about IE was the auditory cue that something was actually clicked on, without that sometimes you don’t know if you’ve actually clicked or not. This addon makes that click sound for Firefox.
    • New Tab Homepage – I don’t know why Firefox doesn’t have this as a standard option, however that’s the nice thing about Firefox and add-ons. Now every time you open a new tab your home page will be loaded. I use my custom homepage with all kinds of links on it, so this is a very important add-on for me. :)
    • ReloadEvery – This nifty little add-on will refresh a page at set intervals. I like to use it to keep an eye on my stats sometimes if I’m doing a special promotion or something.
    • Screen grab! – If you ever want to grab website screenshots then this is the tool to use, you can even grab long, full-page screenshots of an entire website.

There you have it, those are the add-ons I use to help make my browsing easier, faster, and more productive. There’s also an add-on called disable menu that I liked, it would remove the File menu at the top of the browser to save screen real-estate, right now it doesn’t work for Firefox3, hopefully it will soon.

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