One of the biggest reasons why people opt for new cars over used ones is that they can enjoy automatic warranty from the original manufacturer. This usually lasts for three years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. Some manufacturers are able to offer more while others offer less. That means the owner will not have to worry about a thing until they reach the limits. This peace of mind is a good thing to have if you are shelling out thousands of dollars for your vehicle. But what happens when it expires? Fortunately, Liberty Auto Protection Ocean NJ can be there to save the day.

Choosing an Extended Car Warranty

Liberty gives car owners the ability to have their older vehicles covered when these break down. Instead of having to dig deep from their own pockets, they can depend on the company to take care of the issue. The level of coverage will depend on what the owner wants and what they can afford. For example, if you are only concerned with ensuring that the vehicle will continue to run no matter what, then you might be fine with basic engine coverage. This will let you get a warranty without having to spend a large amount of money on premiums.

However, most people will probably want to cover other vital parts including the powertrain. This will guarantee a smooth driving experience for years to come. It is a good investment for those who put high mileage on their cars. The most comprehensive protection plans, meanwhile, can cover all vital parts from bumper to bumper including the Ac and the electrical system. These would cover everything except for the paint, the seats, and the light bulbs. If you would rather pay a substantial monthly sum rather than spend out of pocket for a car failure, then that exclusionary plan is for you.

Understanding Warranty Terms

Whichever plan you end up picking, be sure that you understand the terms of the contract. This will save you from headaches further down the road as you will know exactly what to expect and how to go about the claims process. If you have any concerns, Liberty Auto Protection will be more than happy to address them. You can call during office hours from 9am to 7pm EST from Mondays through Fridays. They can also be reached via email which may be the better option if you need to send documents or images along with your queries.

On the part of Liberty Auto Protection, all plans are designed to cover both the parts and labor. You will not have to worry about the cost of repairs as long as the faulty part is under your chosen plan. Generally, it would be best to have the mechanic call the claims number so that they can talk about the repairs themselves. Their expertise will be extremely helpful in confirming the problem and hastening the authorization. Once they have been authorized, Liberty Auto Protection Ocean NJ will either send a check to the mechanic or pay them credit card over the phone.

The repairs can be performed in any facility of your choice in the US or Canada, though the repairs are usually done at the dealership. If the car broke down at the side of the road, then it is possible to get help with towing by calling the emergency roadside assistance hotline written in the service agreement. Some contracts will include car rental benefits. This is another reason to opt for Liberty’s extended warranties. After all, some repairs will take time and you will need another unit to drive while you wait.