Many companies spend a larger share of their total marketing expenses for trade fair displays. No doubt, the investment boomerangs with a good return in dollars if everything is properly planned and executed. It is important to brainstorm unique and creative ideas to stay way different from run of the mills. Here are some wonderful ideas to ensure optimized return on your investment at any trade fair. Don’t let go the chance of making your trade show displays a touted talk even after the fair ends.

Pre-Show Preparation

Preparation should start much before inauguration of the expo. There are so much to do such as making a marketing plan, emailing the regular customers, clients and partners, choosing the right location and many more. Let us now get through what you should do as a part of pre-show planning.

  • Proper Homework: Arrange a meeting with the marketing staff and others at the helm of your organization to brainstorm unusual, fascinating and functional ideas. Set a budget and plan a strategy accordingly. Grab the best booth for trade show exhibits.

  • Virtual Marketing: Once you are done with booking, communicate with your loyal, marginal and potential customers through website and social media accounts to inform them about the venue and vision.

  • Internal Marketing: Take some solid internal marketing approaches to encourage the in-house staff to use their personal connections and networks to create and spread the buzz.

  • Exciting Giveaways: Catchy, unique and valuable giveaways give the visitors at your booth a good reason to remember your company name and enquire about your offers. Words spread by mouth, thereby bringing more visitors to your trade show displays.

  • Company Newsletter: Include special articles in your newsletter to publicize your presence at the trade fairs. Give information about your displays, giveaways, presentation, new promotions and special guests.

  • Sharing on Media: Make sure to keep the social media users informed about every detail for spearheading your promotional campaign. Explore the ‘sharing’ potentials of all the major social media networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

  • Creative Direct Mail: Instead of sending a plain email, make it interesting by including unusual promotions like keys that enable the recipients to unlock discounts and prizes at the show.

  • Strategic Advertising: Go with paid ads to highlight the attractive discounts and other prizes. These days, the visitors expect such offers and by meeting their expectations, you can generate more leads at the trade shows.

  • Bond with a Complementary Entity: Team up with a complementary company to solidify your marketing effort and stretch your ROI.

During Trade Fairs

  • Wireless Charging Station: Establish a Wi-Fi connection at your stall and arrange funny activities and exciting games to keep the visitors engaged.

  • Well-Dressed Staff: The office staff representing your company at the exhibitions should dress up properly. There should be a dressing code for the male and female representatives. The well-dressed office staff creates an impression on the trade traffic and attracts them to visit your booth, look at the displays and learn more about your company.

  • Arrange a Contest: Hold a contest and award decent prizes to the winners. It will encourage the attendees to check in and participate. To avoid heavy crowd and chaos, speed it up so that the visitors can move on.