What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be defined as the use of emails for promoting any such product or service to the customer. It can be said that promotions through emails are done to establish relationship between the clients and marketers. This is just an electronically used tactic that utilizes internet for the proceedings such as blogging, websites, social media etc.

Many marketing trends have come and gone but Email Marketing has always been in trend due to people’s connectivity with various social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Email Marketing allows business to keep customers updated with their latest products and also asks for feedbacks in case any improvements required. This emails can be used to target some group of people or individuals by offering them with great deals that they can’t ignore. Email Marketing helps in developing a business along with that customer relationship over time that in turn will result in increased sales and customer simultaneously.

Advantages of Email Marketing?

The two main advantages of Email Marketing can be Cost Cutting and also earning at the same time and the easy method to attract the customers.

When the point of Cost Cutting is raised then it definitely makes the contribution in saving pages. Which means that instead of printing the pamphlet and distributing them to target the audience, a poster can be designed and distributed to target the audience through mail electronically. This way not only targets the audience of that particular area but also can reach the world with that.

Creating emails is also an easy work although time consuming sometimes. But this can be fun to do as well. When we are aware about the Unique Selling Proposition then we can very easily highlight in marketing strategically. It’s all about strategy when comes to advertising and promoting the service and product. Better the strategy, better will be the promotions and hence the feedback will also be up to the mark. It’s also easy to track the emails similarly in the way content can be tracked which can prove very beneficial for marketing and business.

The huge advantage can be said that potential customers will more likely to stay by email marketing as they prefer emails better than social media. This can be justified with an example, like for instance you posted a link over your social media profile about a very innovative recipe and would also want many girls to notice in your profile. But, on continuous new data entering over their social media profile, your link might just slip down and would not come to their notice. Now, when we mail the same link to their respective mail IDs, they might not notice at that very same time when the mail got delivered, but of course can be noticed afterwards as the mail would rest in their mailbox.

Email marketing can also be used as a tactic to follow up with your B2B website visitors. The businesses which are coming on to your website can be monitored and information can be received.

Increasing Email List

When the point of increasing the Email list comes into play, then many marketers buy the list to target the customers and promote as much as they can. But this sometimes can be considered as the waste of time as many of the customers tend to ignore the emails meant for promotions. So, many software are also developed to attract the audience and can also convert them into Lead Magnet.


Lead Magnet: This is that section of people or marketers that does the promotion over mails through their mail address that has been designed specifically for this purpose itself. Not only through emails, it can also be done through videos, Mp3 audios, PDFs, Short PPTs and many such ways. These are also considered as Lead Magnets as they also helps in imparting what about our products or services. This method of promotion is also pocket friendly as they do not cost you big bucks. Some criteria that can be considered for a Good Lead Magnet:

  • It’s instant. As for promotion, the small demonstration can be viewed there itself with just a click. This might be done by sharing a short video or audio clip along with it.
  • Imparting information: Lead Magnets can be considered as the tool for imparting the knowledge about the product and services that gives better idea of it as Lack of Knowledge can be very dangerous thing.
  • Easy accessible: The leads can be easily accessible within one click. This makes it convenient for audience to analyses the product there itself.

By this we can easily target the list that is created for the promotion. When we have the list handy with us then can we easily target them?

As a marketer, we have several different ways to attract the audience, but Email Marketing can be considered as the most effective way for the same. Within less time we have to attract maximum audience which require much efforts. So, why not we start with the Smart work by targeting via Email marketing as explained that this is by far the best and most effective way to gather attention of our target audience.