Short-term buildings are flexible, portable, and multi-purpose spaces. Unlike traditional structures, they provide numerous benefits which make it an excellent, convenient and cost-effective alternative, especially for one-day events and provisional projects. As such, a lot of entrepreneurs— and even ordinary individuals — who need extra space opt to purchase or rent it.

Five Kinds of Short-term Spaces

These edifices have a wide array of uses and types. It comes in various style, shade, and size as well. It can be turned into a temporary storage tent, a wedding reception venue, or anything the owner desires it to be. Furthermore, there are several kinds of short-term structures available today.

Here are some:


Temporary spaces can be made into great garages. It is affordable, easy to manage and quick to set up. As such, a lot of automotive type of businesses like repair shops, automobile dealers, and car auctions prefer to use it. With its massive size, using it as a shed can house and protect dozens of vehicles. The cars are also safe from the inevitable wrath of nature such as acid rain, strong winds, the heat of the sun, snow, sap, rust, and bird droppings. Thus, it provides complete protection without spending too many pennies.

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Farm or Barn Storage

Another way to utilize it is by turning it into storage in a farm or barn. It can be customized to provide shelter and storage areas for animals and harvested crops. It can protect the animals from extreme solar radiation and can be altered to provide the livestock with proper ventilation. Thus, it helps to improve the animals’ health and lifespan further.


Large-scale temporary and portable buildings are suitable for indoor cultivation. A lot of farmers opt to purchase it than construction a permanent structure. Cannabis growers, for instance, is one of the many individuals who gain massive benefits from utilizing short-term spaces as greenhouses. It is budget-friendly and provides perfect shelter for crops. It gives a chance for cultivators to manipulate the climate inside the greenhouse. The only downside of it is that it can be a little bit flimsy, especially for locations with erratic and intense weather. However, it can be made sturdy with a strong foundation.

Airplane Hangars

Airplane hangars are huge structures used to keep aircraft machines safe from extreme weather and inevitable phenomena. That said, many aircraft businesses prefer temporary buildings since they possess all the features needed. Small to huge planes are prone to damages outside, and it can be a great deal of loss if not prevented. Apart from that, storing it in a shed is also a great way to keep it safe from intruders. In fact, some companies offer structures with locks and alarms.

Screen Houses

Short-term spaces can also be turned into screen houses to host outdoor activities such as camping.  Aside from it is highly customizable, using it will keep the participants safe from bug bites and other pest-related wounds. It is also an excellent choice for hosting corporate events and social gatherings.


Temporary buildings are multi-purpose spaces. It comes in a wide array of size, design, and shade. Apart from that, it is also highly customizable and budget-friendly. Thus, many entrepreneurs opt to purchase it than building a permanent edifice. To know more about Temporary buildings, visit this address.