Monero mining is a proof of work that one needs a necessary and enough hardware in your CPU to do Monero cryptocurrency mining. In the different equipment, they produce different sorts of monero currency in the monero wallet.

There is some benefit of these Monero currencies that makes one spend a lot to mine them. The advantages include:

  • It is a private system– it is closed in the sense that it hides some information of the amount you have in your wallet in case one gets access to your blockchain
  • It is secure– it has a security program that enables one to make successful monero transactions. The removal of ASIC has increased the security of the operation as there is no fixed block size limit
  • It is fungible– It illustrates that there is the same market of all the monero currency

Different software has different drives that are placed in the computers CPU to determine the mining of monero

 There are two types of cards that are always in use that represent different mining

  • AMD card
  • NVidia card

Therefore, there are some of the factors that you can consider before you begin mining

  • First, you must think your computer CPU; the CPU is important because it is the place where there is the insertion of the cards for the mining to begin, an excellent and compatible CPU will make your mining must easy and profitable
  • Also, consider the RAM and the motherboard of the computer, this is how fast the network will manage to make the processing of the monero
  • Lastly, you should check on the power supply units and also the cost of the power supply, The more the cost of supply, the less the amount of profit to your Online monero wallet.

AMD card

This card is for the AMD mining, in the drilling, there is the production of the Ethereum, Monero and the cyptonight coins. It provides a better process of extraction. It has some advantages and disadvantages of using this mining method


  • It has a friendly Tweaked-It AMD GPU makes it pleasant. It is effortless, flexible to save on power without much forcing t produce the desired results
  • It is cheap- the cards are much less expensive than NVidia thus making it cost useful to most people like the card also provides the desired profitable effect that the miner needs
  • It produces both Ethehash and cryptonight- Its excellence in the two makes has a great future in the mining sectors, and the future trends of the currency one would like to invest in


  • It is noisy
  • It produces a lot of heat that at times nay after your CPU if there is no good cooling system
  • It has fewer driver updates; this makes them at times to be slow and produce results that might have a low marketing power

NVidia card

It is mainly for the N video mining; it produces coins such as Biotins Gold, Equihash and Zcash


  • More profitable-
  • Power effective
  • It has an impressive resale value
  • It has less heat production


  • It is very costly when mining.