When it comes to buying a new a car of your own, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. First, the prices of new models coming out of the manufacturer’s production lines are increasing by the day, which them are out of the reach of most people. In addition to this, you need to dig deep into your pockets to pay for the insurance premium if you choose to buy a such vehicle. However, what you may not realize is that such an automobile starts to lose a considerable portion of its present value the moment you drive it out of the dealer’s showroom. Fortunately, industry experts say it is possible for you to acquire a new vehicle of your own and still save money on depreciation.

American Federal Auto is a family-operated limited liability company, which specializes in selling of top-quality previously-owned motor vehicles to the public at attractive prices. The company’s proficient automobile mechanics and engineers go to great lengths to thoroughly inspect, service and reconstruct all the vehicles in their inventory before making them available for sale. They also make it a point to certify such automobiles in their possession as being in good working condition to ensure the satisfaction of their clients.  This is the reason why this business establishment is the first choice among people looking to acquire a new car of their own.

Why opting for the latest model is not wise choice when you consider depreciation?

The automobile professionals of this company say if you opt to buy the latest automobile model in the market you may be in for a shock. Over and above, the amount you pay for the hefty initial cost of the vehicle and its subsequent expensive insurance premium, you have to also consider depreciation. In the first year, car may lose consideration potion of its present value. Some industry experts are of the opinion that the rate of depreciation on such automobiles could be as high as 35% in the first 12 months. In addition to this, you give a thought amount of money you have to shell out money every month to pay to necessary repairs, maintenance, taxes and loan installments on such a vehicle. This can have adverse effect on your finances.

How can buying a good quality certified previously-owned car help you?

These experts go on to say that the scenario changes completely if you choose to purchase a certified previously-owned vehicle, which hardly one or two years old from a reliable car dealer. The quality of such a vehicle may be more or less equivalent to acquiring the latest automobile model entering the market. In the certified previously-owned motor car programs of almost all automobile manufacturers you can choose to a wide range of top-quality models at attractive discounts on the initial price. In addition to this, such automakers also extend a factory warranty, which is free of cost. This can enable you to save a considerable amount on depreciation.

The experts of American Federal Auto say opting to acquire a vehicle undercertified previously-owned car program can help you save money that you would have to spend on depreciation.