People still do the REVS check for knowing the details of cars and the financial burden on them. People who want to buy a second-hand car still do the search. However, it should be known that the checking for car details have changed to the PPSR site. This online register will give you all the details.

The PPSR check for a car will throw out various results. It is essential that you know what these results mean for you. Let us start from the beginning.

Details Of Security Interest

This is the first reason for anyone to do a PPSR check. If this check result says ‘There is no security interest or other registration kind registered on the PPSR against the serial number in the search criteria details’, this means that there is no financial burden on the car which you searched for.

If the result shows more than one registration it means that there is financial debt on the car with the serial number you used to search for.

NEVDIS Information

The PPSR result will show the information from the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System. This will give all the information about the vehicle. You can check whether the VIN, serial number or chassis number are correct. It can also tell you whether the vehicle is stolen or written off.

The NEVDIS is where all the information about the vehicle is entered. You can get more information about the vehicle from the seller or the road agencies of the state or territory.

Stolen Or Written Off Vehicle

The written-off information will be in the Additional Motor Vehicle Details section. There are two types of write-offs. If the vehicle is totally damaged beyond repair or deteriorated to a condition where it cannot be driven on the road safely then it will be termed as Statutory Write-Off. If the vehicle has repairs which are too costly to do, then it can be repaired and tested by the state or territory authority for roadworthiness. If it passes the test it can be used again on the road. Such a vehicle is termed as a Repairable Write-Off. There are many codes which are used to represent the kind of damage the car has suffered.

Stolen Vehicle Indicator

If the vehicle has not been stolen it will be clearly mentioned. If the vehicle has been stolen there could be three indicators for the vehicle. There are stolen vehicle, stolen engine or stolen plate indicators. These indicate that parts of the vehicle or the whole vehicle has been stolen.

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Road Registered Vehicle

When you do a car history check it is possible to find whether the car is road registered currently. It will be mentioned in the State Vehicle Registered or Registration Expiry fields. You can view the current registration paper copy to confirm that the vehicle is owned by the person who tells you he owns the car. You can also view the registration plate number, the VIN, engine number and chassis number and confirm that they match with what you have.