In today`s world, Internet has become the heart of communication tool. It is a way for disparate people across the world to spread ideas, opinions and generally communicate with each other easily than ever. There are some certain rules to be followed. And as a good Web citizen it is important for us to understand and follow such rules.

Internet law or Cyber law refers to the legal issues related to the use of the Internet. It should be followed because it touched almost every aspect of transactions and activities on and concerning the internet, the World Wide Web and Cyberspace. The law prevents and reduces the damage from cybercriminal activities by protecting information access, privacy, communications, intellectual property and freedom of speech related to the use of the Internet, Websites, email, computers, cell phones, and data storage.

Cybercrime may threaten the nation`s security and financial health. Issus around cybercrime has become high profile mainly those surrounding cracking, copyright infringement. There are problems of privacy when private information is intercepted lawfully or otherwise.

Criminal activities that are traditional in nature such as fraud, forgery, theft, mischief and defamation are involved in cyber crim. Computers abusing has given birth to a range of new ages crimes that are addressed by the Information Technology Act, 2000. Every activity of yours in Cyberspace can and will have a Cyber legal perspective; this is because the nature of internet is changing and this new medium is being seen as the ultimate medium ever evolved in human history.

There are several cyber issues involved from the time you register your Domain name to the time you set up your website, to the time you promote your website, to the time when you send and receive your emails.

After reading the above information, it is understood that we all should follow the cyber rules as they are for our wall being.