No matter how streamlined your business can be; customer complaints are unavoidable especially the irate ones. Complaints must be acknowledged and managed effectively. Dismissing or ignoring them only gives customers an impression that you don’t actually value their opinions. Many entrepreneurs consider complaint management as a frustrating and time-consuming process. Complaints can be easily and quickly resolved through the development of an efficient system. Turn your dissatisfied customers into active marketers or promoters of your business with the following tips.


  1. Putting Emotions Aside

You can deal with customers sharing complaint by setting aside your personal emotions. It is best to calmly, keenly listen to everything they say, then respond, and react as politely and as gracefully as you can. Take note that an emotional response will only irritate your customers further. Put yourself in the situation they are into. Making them feel that you are disinterested or challenging them will only result in the exacerbation of the situation. Try to understand their problem by listening it in full. Use your initiative when handling complaints. Remove anything that cause their problem if possible and necessary to diffuse emotion or tension and help the customer in re-evaluating their temper. Remember not to pass customers around from one person to another. Complaints should be taken one-step at a time.

  1. Avoidance of An Attempt to Argue Back or Challenge Complaints

Yes, wanting to tell your customers their fault is natural and easy, but this will do no good in diffusing them from getting more upset while sharing complaint. As I have said earlier, it is advised to have keen ear to listen up what they are saying instead of challenging the complaint they raised. It would even be nice if you give them gratitude.

  1. Finding Appropriate Solution

Immediately give your sincere apology to customers as soon as they have aired their grievance. Take responsibility for the complaint although you might not be at fault. There are times when a simple apology is all it takes to appease an angry customer. Ask the customers on what result do they want to have after sharing their complaint whether or not they know what would be the best solution to their problem. This approach will make them feel valued and involved. Solve the problem quickly as they are expecting the person to whom they talk to instantly solve their complaint.

  1.   Appreciation to Customers

Let customers know that you are thankful of their spent in sharing concert or complaint with you with a smile and care. Appreciate them for taking some time to talk to you and see to it that you understand well what their issues are. This will serve as an opportunity to further listen to what they are going to say, while giving understanding on what you actually want to hear from them.

Practically, there’s no getting around complaints from customers, no matter what industry you are into. However, it is still possible to salvage any negative situation when you handle customer complaints immediately and effectively. Checkout sell a business website and further your knowledge in dealing with your customers.