Many of the investors today are eyeing setting up their investments in East or Southeast Asia because the region has become one of the rich economic engines that drive the trade with the rest of the world. Singapore is one of the countries in Asia you should strongly consider choosing to invest in. First, you need a business visa which you can choose depending on your situation from the different types of visas that are available. You can hire the services of a reliable immigration agent to help you on how to get a business visa to Singapore and benefit from their wide experience. They will also help you to choose the best type of visa that suits your business interests. The culture and business traditions in Singapore are very different from the ones in the United States and mastering them will determine your business growth. The following are some of the most interesting cultural and business traditions you need to familiarize with as a businessman in Singapore.

  1. Always keep time

Keeping a Singapore executive waiting for hours will not favour your business deal because it is considered disrespectful.

  1. Do not get personal

Compliment a person on their accomplishment and not on how they look or dress. Such a personal comment will make you appear as an insincere person. It is considered okay to ask a person about their marital status, level of income, weight and such related thing. If you are not comfortable answering such questions, avoid them in a nice way to avoid losing face.

  1. 3. Observe age and seniority

Respecting elders is highly recommended. With a highly competitive business culture, they have strong ethics and the most competitive member of the group takes the lead. Arguing in public with an older or superior person will make you lose the respect of the other members. When doing an introduction in a meeting, strictly start with the most important member of your group to the least since it is a sign of respect.

  1. Practice good communication skills

Always avoid arguing, raising your voice, using a harsh tone, showing emotions and anger in public. Take your time before you respond when you are talking with a person as this shows that you are giving a thought to their ideas first before you respond. When pointing a person, use your entire right hand instead of your forefinger because it is considered as rudeness.

  1. Business cards

Since a substantial number of business people in Singapore are ethnic Chinese, you may consider writing your business card in Chinese when having a business meeting. The exchange of cards after introduction is done by holding the card with both hands and it is held between the thumb and forefingers and with a slight bow. The business cards are handled with respect because they represent the person’s identity.

  1. Culture and religion

A good portion of the people in Singapore is Hindus and Muslims and so they have different practices from what you may be aware of and you should familiarize with. Also, Indians and Malays are in significant numbers. You need to get to know things that are considered inappropriate by various religions and ethnic groups and avoid them for successful business and social interactions.

With that information in mind, you will be sure to strike successful business deals and keep them because you will have good personal relationships with your business partners and clients.