It’s natural to be attracted towards marketing strategies that create quick results. If utilized correctly, PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing might help you generate leads, achieve your ROI goals, and drive organic traffic to your webpage in a significantly short amount of time. However, what happens when your PPC marketing campaign ends? Will your new customers stick with your products or services? Will your customers continue to do business with you?

Considering those concerns and uncertainties, many savvy business owners and digital marketers believe that content marketing beats PPC marketing in the long run. Let’ see how it is possible.

Content Marketing Creates Customer Relations

Unlike PPC campaigns, content marketing focuses on creating and publishing relevant, useful, and consistent content to attract and keep a specifically defined audience – and eventually, to urge profitable customer action. On the other hand, PPC focuses on rapid results by attracting the customer’s attention and try to drive them to a specific page with an objective of urging the customer to complete a purchase, complete a signup form, or take similar action. These leads might turn into a great number,but how many of them turn into continuous and loyal customers?

Content marketing makes a unique connection between members of a specific audience and your brand, while PPC only makes shows effort for a quick sale. While choosing your marketing method always consider the lifetime value of your customers since it can be far more valuable than a quick sale.

Content Marketing Works at Every Stage

Content marketing takes all the stages of a successful purchase cycle and shows its effectiveness at each stage. For example, in the first stage, you may want to use a PPC campaign to get a potential customer’s attention,but if your landing page fails to close the sale, then it’s the end of that. That’s where content marketing comes in handy while attracting your specific user persona through blogging or social media by providing relevant and useful information.

Your potential customers aren’t just dying to make a purchase; they are also searching for further information on the product or service they want to purchase. While PPC campaign ads show up on search results, your potential customers more tend to be attracted to content that provides them valuable information and relevant answers, not the content only focused on making a sale.

PPC Means Short-Term Traffic

When you start to use a PPC marketing campaign, you will most likely see a peak in your website traffic. However, only to a specific page and only for the duration of your campaign. Once your campaign expires, you will see a significant decrease in your webpage’s traffic.

Content Marketing Brings Success

When you collaborate with the industry expert writers,who understand your business, your products,and services as you understand, content marketing has a huge potential to achieve the marketing goals that you can never achieve with PPC marketing. You can find expert content writers on the internet, usually on the freelance platforms. However, if you are looking for real writing experts from your industry, then you might want to check out WritingWizards. They have a feature that you can search and filter expert content creators in their fields of expertise, language, and location. See for yourself and hire a writer for your content marketing needs.