At this time of the year, everyone is looking forward to decorating their homes if they haven’t done so already. Christmas is a magical time of the year where everyone is in a festive mood. The majority will be spending time in malls, and retail stores are shopping for everything they could lay their hands. Thus, it is necessary for retail stores such as yours to go merrily with the season so you can attract more customers. The more welcoming your design is, the more shoppers will get enticed to visit you. Your decorations don’t need to be so elaborate. Affordable and straightforward decorations can look elegant and stunning when blended and appropriately arranged. Base your decoration on your brand and what you sell. Make it not just for the sole purpose of beautifying your store but also as a means of attracting more customers. Here are some of the basic decorations you should never miss as they play a significant role in the outcome of your design.


When you add commercial grade string lights, you do not just light up the place. You are adding energy, and you are lightening up the mood. You are creating a happy environment. You can choose different designs and colors of light depending on your store. What you can do though is to put up a variety of views by the shop window to catch the attention of shoppers passing by. Take time also to display your featured products so they will see it together with the lights. Furthermore, you can create an accent wall that is brighter than the rest of the shop — the more lights you put, the better.


Every season has its colors. And to live up with the Christmas seasons, try to use colors representing the season. However, say your shop color is already in red, do not use red decors too. Try to use other season colors which will complement your signature color. You can use green, gold, silver, and white, depending on the theme of your decoration. You can always recycle past seasons decorations, so you do not have to spend much. Just try to alter or modify them, so they fit perfectly.


Props are necessary when decorating as they often tell a story and they can become symbolic for your store. You can place your accessories on your accent wall. And since this is Christmas, you can set up a Christmas tree or a manger depicting the birth of Jesus. You can also put some Santa hats on your mannequins or put some socks on your door. You can also display some picture or quotes on the values your store emphasizes during the holidays. It makes your shop friendlier and family-oriented. There are many things you can do for props, starting from simple to elaborate ones.


Putting up signage is one thing a lot of retailers neglect. However, putting a sign apt for the season celebrated makes you one with your customers. You make them feel like you are celebrating with them. You can use signage as a pitch for your products as well, so you are hitting two birds with one stone.

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