It’s never a great feeling to deal with buyers of gold who give you a headache. You’ll get stressed at a deal that’s supposed to be simple. It would be a lot better to deal with professionals who have been buying gold for a long time. However, you can’t expect all of them to be great. Hence, look for reviews about many gold buyers and see if they have these characteristics. There are two popular ways people sell their gold jewellery and we will explain both of them to you.


The buyers of gold should you questions about your gold jewellery items. If they do, it means they’re very interested in purchasing them. It also means they have a lot of experience in buying gold since they know the right questions to ask. If you notice they didn’t ask any questions that might be a worry. It may mean they don’t know what to ask or they’re not that familiar buying gold jewellery items in general. They should also have all the right testing equipment and scales.


It’s never a good feeling to deal with a person who’s disorganized. The gold buyer may waste a lot of time trying to find his notebook and mobile phone or find prices. Unfortunately, he’ll end up wasting your time too. Good thing, you can tell how organized a person is from the way he dresses. If his hair is a complete mess, he’s not organized. Unfortunately, if that’s the case, it means the transaction probably won’t go as planned too. Best to avoid any gold buyers who are unorganised and try another shop or request another home visit from another gold buyer.



If you opt for a mobile buyers of gold service, when you set up a meeting with them, they should arrive on time. If they arrive late even for a few minutes and make silly excuses, that’s not a sign of good professionalism. Besides, traffic isn’t an excuse. They could have left a lot earlier. After all, you could have spent the time waiting for them for something more useful like meeting other buyers of gold. It would even be better if they arrive earlier than the time agreed on by both parties. It means the transaction can end earlier than expected. Only down side to this service is usually there is a call out fee.

Physical Shop

Visiting a buyers of gold’s physical shop may be the way to go, especially if you don’t want people in your private house. They are usually located in the city and you can have your gold jewellery assessed and valued by trained professionals. This would be the preferred option if you have the time to go into the city. Most buyers of gold display their gold buying prices on their website. This can give you an indication of what your gold is really worth before making the journey into town. The downside to visiting a physical shop is the time it takes you to get into the city.


We have looked at the different ways people sell their unwanted gold jewellery and how the gold buyers should be organised and professional. Whether you choose a mobile gold buying service or visiting a physical shop the same theory will apply.