Do you have a website, but you do not sell enough because you do not get traffic? Do you have a physical business, but have not yet launched for sale online? Or simply, are you looking for another source of income online extra? Selling products on Amazon, the marketplace with the most traffic in UK amazon expert, can be a very good option for your company. In today’s article we explain how to do it amazon expert, its tariff policy, and its advantages and disadvantages. Watch out, do not miss anything!

What is Amazon?

You could say that it is the largest online store in the world. Amazon is an ecommerce that serves as a platform for companies to sell their products creating their own store and reaching millions of potential buyers. Within successful online businesses, the case of Amazon is one of the clearest.

This project began as a book store in its infancy, but its popularity has led it to be an online store where virtually everything is sold. Its success lies in the fact that Amazon generally exceeds customer expectations: Deliveries before the scheduled time, good customer service, if a product arrives in poor condition, they exchange it for another, etc.

How to sell products on Amazon?

Selling products on Amazon is very simple. First you have to registration on Amazon. Amazon has two types of rate modalities according to the seller:

  • PRO salesperson: If you sell more than 35 products per month.
  • Individual Seller: If you sell less than 35 products monthly.

If you are PRO, the Amazon rate is € 39 per month. And without any cost of permanence. What’s more, you can unsubscribe at any time.

In the case of being a small seller (individual) and not exceeding the sale of 35 items per month, there is a fee of € 0.99 per product sold. In other words, you will only pay for what you sell. Within this modality there are other options such as the reference rate, where the price depends on the category to which the product belongs.

What can I sell on Amazon?

Amazon can sell a lot of products amazon expert. As Amazon literally says on its website: “Amazon’s website gives you the opportunity to sell different types of products, whether new or second-hand, in a wide range of categories.” Among these, are the following:

  • Automotive and industrial: Maintenance products and accessories for cars and motorcycles, supplies for companies, etc.
  • Sports and outdoor: From bicycles, to sports products, shoes and accessories.
  • Electronics and computers: Cameras, products for photography, electronic components, appliances, software, telephony, and more.
  • Home, garden and DIY: DIY products and tools, furniture, products for home and kitchen, lighting, etc.
  • Toys and baby: Toys, games, clothes, and other baby products.
  • Books, music, video and DVD: From books and music, to musical instruments or video games.

Selling on Amazon

International sales: If you dare to sell products on Amazon through its portal in Spain, you can sell even to the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. It is a great opportunity if one wishes to reach other countries in Europe.

Little or almost no investment: You will not have to invest in the creation of an online store, which will save you a lot of money in Digital Marketing. With Amazon you already have that infrastructure. In addition, you will not have to invest in attracting traffic, since Amazon already has millions of customers around the world. This platform knows how to convert web visitors into customers.

If you have an online store, you can attract more traffic to it: It is very possible that a lot of Amazon customers discover you through this marketplace, but eventually end up landing in your own online store or web.

Sales in a very short time: You will not have to invest hours creating your online store, but you want it. Registering with Amazon and uploading your products is very fast.

Rates: Profit margins are usually very small.

Receipt of payments: The customer pays directly to Amazon. And these will pay you later. Also keep in mind that in the case of complaints or bad comments on your products, the payment deadline may be postponed for a few weeks. Amazon withholds payments up to 60 days.

Support and attention to the seller: If you have questions you will have to talk to a robot online to answer your questions.

The competition is very high: You will have to put competitive prices to achieve more sales, and that does not allow your products to have an added value.

Having said all this, if you’re the right profile, selling on Amazon can be a great opportunity. Now you must evaluate all the pros and cons well. For any question, contact us