One of the most functional units that you like to place in the outdoor space is a fire pit. It is really affordable to buy a fire pit and enjoy its warmth. You may also start roasting to prepare your favorite foods. With the installation of a fire pit, the outdoor settings can get transformed. You will get fun and have a cozy feeling while sitting around it. However, one thing that may concern you is whether this fire pit will damage the surface on which it is placed. Many users like to install it on the wooden surface, while others may need to place it on the grass.

Remember that your fire pit may turn out to be a cause of risk, while you are not able to run it rightly. In most cases, the pets and kids have a chance of getting tripped, and they will have the injuries or burns. Moreover, the small embers from the unit may also damage your property.

While the surface has no heat resistance capacity, the fire pits, placed on it, can cause an impact. For instance, the lawn and decks mostly get affected with its heat. This heat kills all the grasses.

You have various options to protect the ground from the heat of fire pit.

Place thick bricks on the surface

You may build up a slightly high platform with the use of brick pieces. You can use cement for joining them or arrange the structure temporarily. Place the fire pit on it so that your deck surface can get covered.  As the bricks are highly resistant to heat, they can withstand the temperature.

Protective mats or pads-

While you are looking for the simpler option, you can buy these pads, which are designed only for using with fire pit. They are made of special materials, which give protection against heat. One of the sides of these pads is reflective, and you have to face up that side while using it. You should not fold or bend these pads to retain its durability. There must be a gap of about one inch between the pad and the fire pit. Most of these pads are weather resistant, and so, they may not get damaged easily while you have placed them in the outdoor space.

Thus, while you are choosing the best fire pits, you should also buy a pad that acts as a deck protector. All types of surface will remain safe without getting affected with the heat of fire pit.