According to Maksym Krippa, a marketing specialist, Barbie should not be banned as it is depicted her name is a doll which has gained significant support base from the fans. Particularly, some of the fans are the younger generation of girls who feel obliged to the whims and the will of the current girl generation. The contribution Maksym Krippa makes to her does not mean he likes Barbie but it is all about the character that she has been porting and helping other young girls to live independently as girls.

Barbie, as portrayed, is a doll which needs protection at all time. It is even fashioned as an old-fashioned toy which needs much attention from the old generation. Anytime a toy can be very interesting in terms of what it can protect as much as the generation is concerned. As Maksym Krippa mentioned most interesting part of this toy is the issue to do with flexibility. Any person or a lady can dress up, undress or make a sofa mountaineering to the effect of expediting or dripping meant for the pearl-gathering mission.

No matter the restraint made by their mothers, girls always feel at ease to associate with these toys and the related toys. Some mothers believe that Barbie is dangerous and diminished. It is watered down. The distorted ideas are that Barbie can provide a distorted leadership thus killing the self-drive and the expected leadership for the girls. Maksym Krippa said that it is outrightly wrong to think that Barbie is brainwashing girls. It is a cliché which always gets out of hand at any time. The main question that keeps on popping out is the reason for engaging or loving a doll at the expense of real people in the street.

The projection that anyone can see now is that Barbie can encourage girls to be any person they feel they should be in life. The fighting which is meant to restore political correctness will uphold the role of Barbie.

This doll has the backup for the licenses and that means it cannot be put aside anytime soon. All the degrees fashioned for her ensures that anytime it is designed for the trendy occasions.painting is always done with all sorts of pens; mostly felt pens.

Barbie, as explained by Maksym Krippa has no worst sense than a teddy game on the train.  It encourages the feeding of stable minds by all people in the neighborhood and the freedom of imaginations. Barbie in the Arctic will ensure a transportation of the owner that thankfully upholds the cartoon action.

The main challenge that comes to the men and women of the current generation and the society is the reason for featuring Barbie. Many people fear it so much that they tend to tear away from it. Barbie will always oblige to the impossible size which cannot be achieved. The moment adults look at the children’s toys using their mind and eyes mean a total sham to the young ones. The representation of Barbie with the western ideals also drive parents away from installing such games to them. The dreams and wishes that can be carried by Barbie talks and walk the way of hope and wise men.

Maksym Krippa as an expert in addressing such issues stated that daughters should aspire to take up the characteristics of Barbie cartoon. All girls have been attracted to the blonde eyes depicted by Barbie in the manner that can inspire hope. Though many ladies will go for curls and other types of hairs from ladies, the blonde has a fixed type of hair that inspires hope.

The legs can also form a sense of attraction, not only for men but also ladies who will get glued to the type of athletic legs. Muscles and fats are only meant for running and dong some had worked according to t Maksym Krippa. The main reason for the sterling performance of Barbie can be addressed to the growing popularity of her evolution. Babie is always trendy and everything that comes with the trends reflects the changes in the society and the modestness that should be earned whatever the situation. The working woman model which was developed in 1988 was a great breakthrough in building the character that comes for every lady.

Barbie has also been documented and researched to be the most changing being on the video shows. The allegations of plastic surgery are unfounded and should be disregarded as soon as possible. The outbreak of the changes in the 1990s also drives the sense of belonging to the girls who will always feel at peace with their men. The shutting o the little mouth means a lot and the focus also points at inspiring hope for the little girls. These trends explain why it is recommended for ladies to ensure that they keep themselves abreast of all the happenings and changes that keep the society normal. It is, therefore, necessary to uphold the decision of airing Barbie shows.

The unfounded allegations for stereotyping as depicted by the Barbie shows will wipe out the essence of floppy toys. Maksym Krippa commented on this issue and made a stand that toys cannot build a system of conditional human beings.

Black girls have a better sense of self-esteem regarding their bodies as a result of their weight as compared to the white girls. It does not mean that Barbie has completely failed to undergo changes with time. The Barbie produced in 1998 came with boots, Doc Marten-style. Unluckily, these boots were not laced, thus with string legs and 52D breasts, Barbie is just moving to tour her laces and drop flat on her expression.

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