Skinny jeans used to be flavor decades ago and guess what, they are back again in our modern lives and men always wear them to make a statement. What goes around comes around! This is how it has been in case of skinny jeans, especially.

Few years ago, there were fashion experts calling skinny jeans as feminine and they should only be worn by the girls but they are by all means getting back their popularity once again with the masses. We see big celebrities wear such jeans all the time, and now an average boy doesn’t shy away from sporting them either.

If you have passed through an age where skinny jeans have been a taboo, this is the time to try them out as they definitely are stylish and the in-thing you would want in your wardrobe. Just pair it up with a nice casual t-shirt and shoes for men and you are all set to go!

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What’s So Special about Skinny Jeans?

Just like any regular jeans, the skinny jeans are also the regular denim pants, except they are designed as per the lower part of a man’s body. It perfectly sticks to the legs, being tight around the knees and giving an overall tight fit. Many ignorant ones believe that there are no differences between men’ skinny jeans and the ones meant for women, which is totally wrong.

The Color Choices

The biggest difference comes in form of color. Women jeans are offered by the makers in a much wider range of color choices, while men skinny jeans are mostly limited to different shades and designs of blue, black and brown; that being said, other vibrant colors like green and red are also offered.  

Top Brands

So, if you are out there looking for skinny jeans you may wonder what brands offer these kinds of denim. Some of the popular names include Levi’s, American Eagle, Gap Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Lee.

Choosing Not-So-Feminine Options

Irrespective of the brand you choose, it is important that you pay enough attention to the design and color of the jeans that you are about to buy. Though there are many vivid color options available for men in the market, going for something brown, grey, black or blue will be a safer choice as it will keep you appearing manlierdespite you wearing the so-called feminine skinny jeans.

Try the jeans and buy only what is comfortable. Pair it up with appropriate t-shirts. Many also prefer pairing up skinny jeans with sports shoes for men.